The Trader Joe's Protein Bar That Reddit Says Tastes Exactly Like Snickers

Good protein bars can certainly be hard to find. In theory, they make an excellent snack — they're (hopefully) a solid source of protein and make a convenient bite to eat for the hustle and bustle of the modern day. Realistically, though, we've all probably tried a bar or two that tastes like straight-up chalk. What's more, some varieties come with a hefty price tag, so if the brand you choose turns out to not meet your flavor or texture standards, it can feel like a colossal waste of your precious dollars. 

So, if an entire community of protein bar enthusiasts is promising that one particular brand actually tastes like a candy bar, fellow enthusiasts may want to pay attention. On the Trader Joe's Reddit thread – the best place to get the 411 on the grocery store chain — shoppers are swearing they've found the holy grail of protein bars at their local Trader Joe's, and that it happens to taste just like a Snickers.

A protein bar that might satisfy your taste buds

In a post on the Trader Joe's subreddit, one user left an overwhelmingly positive review for Barebells Protein Bars, which are sold at Trader Joe's locations nationwide (via Barebells). The post read, "OH MY GOD I HAD THE CHOCOLATE DOUGH and it was like a snickers!! I had to double check that it was indeed a protein bar. I am going to put the rest in the fridge [I'll] bet they're even better cold." 

As any protein bar pundit would know, these are very bold claims. The high protein content of these kinds of bars usually gives them a distinct protein-y type of flavor, so the claim that these don't taste like protein bars is understandably hard to believe. However, other users enthusiastically backed the claim up with comments like "They're truly insane, they really don't taste like protein bars at all!" and "Salted peanut is an almost snickers bar. The best." 

Barebells bars come in a variety of flavors like Cookies & Cream, Crunchy Fudge, and Caramel Cashew. They also offer a selection of plant-based protein bars, so everyone can have a taste of the hype. The Reddit community agrees that this may be for you if you're looking for a bar that will satisfy both your protein intake and taste-buds needs.