Why You Should Check Costco For Le Creuset Deals

If there's one thing Costco shoppers love most, it's probably the earth-shattering deals that the wholesale store offers for its products. With high-quality discount goods offered by both the store-owned brand Kirkland Signature and non-store-owned partner brands, shoppers are always guaranteed to be blown away, no matter how long they've been members of the Costco crew. As the savviest of shoppers know, good deals go for more than just grocery items at this retailer, GoBankingRates notes. They extend to all of the store's myriad offerings, from furniture to electronics to vacation packages and everything in between.

What we foodies can appreciate most, though (aside from the actual food item deals), is Costco's selection of cooking and kitchenware. If you look closely enough, you are bound to find a top-tier piece of equipment marked at Costco-tier prices. One particularly shrewd shopper shared one of these major Costco finds — if you know how great Le Creuset products are, you'll know how big of a deal this is.

The dutch oven deal of your dreams

Le Creuset is the cookware brand coveted by kitchen connoisseurs everywhere. The quality, high performance, and longevity guarantees of this brand's products usually come at a premium, with products that are sold for up to $675. However, as brought to our attention by a TikTok video, Costco once again has come to the rescue by carrying the brand's products at a discount. The video shows a Le Creuset dutch oven on the shelf at a local Costco, and its price is a staggering $229.99.

This may seem pretty hefty for a dutch oven, but for context, the same product from Le Creuset can go anywhere from $380 to $500 on the company's website, and other websites don't seem to offer it for much lower. In other words, this is an absolute steal. As one of the video's commenters remarked: "Just when I thought Costco couldn't get any better, it does!"