Why Fans Can't Get Enough Of Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Love

Ben Affleck's relationship with Dunkin' is a thing of beauty, and it even predates his longstanding affection for Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to the numerous photos of the A-lister with Dunkin' branded beverages, the paparazzi and fans know beyond any measure of doubt that when it comes to coffee, Affleck is a dedicated devotee of Dunkin'. The world was recently reminded of this affinity again when it caught a glimpse of him with his newly wedded wife, J.Lo, while holding onto Dunkin' merchandise. These are, as The TAKEOUT put it, "two of the things closest to his heart."

However intense his fixation with either is, they do not seem to clash. Not that we think they would, considering Lopez's confessed obsession for tailor-made bling coffee cups (per Page Six). Who knows, maybe coffee is the secret to their infatuation with each other and Affleck is not oblivious to the fact that the world is watching, nor of his impact on the brand's popularity.

Ben Affleck's relationship with Dunkin'

His first public brush (that we know of) with the popular donut brand was back in 1997 on the film set of "Good Will Hunting" (per The TAKEOUT). There is a scene in the film where he hands a cup of Dunkin' coffee to his co-star Matt Damon and this seems to be the start of a long romance between Affleck and Dunkin'. Since then, there have been regular sightings of Affleck armed with Dunkin' merch.

We cannot help but wonder if a sponsor agreement has anything to do with these numerous cup-in-hand Affleck sightings. Experts in the celeb gossip arena, however, discredit the idea of sponsorship. Celeb gossip pundit Allie Jones has her own theory. She says, "I think Ben gets more out of these pap photos than Dunkin' does ... they make him seem normal (even though celebs are never, ever normal)," per Vulture.

Let it be noted for the record, that Affleck's relationship with the Dunkin' brand precedes his association with Jennifer Lopez by five years, per US Magazine. With the attention his coffee habit is getting, it seems the media and fans (given the fragility of celeb relationships) may have more stock in his alliance with the coffee brand than with Jennifer Lopez.