Gordon Ramsay Didn't Hold Back On Selena + Chef

"Selena + Chef" fans, rejoice! The fourth installment of this popular HBO Max series is now available on the streaming platform, and this time around, Selena Gomez and her cooking buddies are chef-ing it up in Malibu. If the house looks familiar to you, it's because you grew you watching "Hannah Montana." Yes, that's right, Gomez learned how to cook in the same home that once hosted Miley Stewart on the iconic Disney Channel show, according to People. "This year I'm getting out of town ... and even more out of my comfort zone," the "Only Murders in the Building" star teases in the Season 4 trailer (via YouTube).

So far this season, Gomez has prepared a romantic meal for her grandparents with the help of Rachael Ray, and a homemade pasta served inside a giant wheel of cheese under the instruction of Nick DiGiovanni. In the most recent episode of Season 4, the Texas-born star received her very first in-person cooking lesson from none other than Gordon Ramsay.

Notorious for his potty mouth, the "MasterChef" host has dished out some of the worst insults ever on reality television (via Grub Street). We've witnessed Ramsay verbally attack talented home chefs, so you can only imagine how the Scottish-born star would react in a lesson with Gomez, who is an amateur cook at best. Unsurprisingly, Ramsay couldn't resist throwing out a rude remark or two during his lesson with the Disney Channel alum (via HBO Max).

Selena Gomez was successfully able to shake off Gordon Ramsay's critiques

Gordon Ramsay arrived in Malibu for an episode of "Selena + Chef" with nothing less than an ambitious cooking lesson for Selena Gomez. The 55-year-old chef taught the singer how to cook a scallop appetizer and a steak and potato entree (via HBO Max).

Upon his arrival, the chef couldn't help but make a jokingly rude remark. "I haven't got all day," Ramsay said, knocking loudly on the door. Despite his abrasive entry, Gomez seemed overjoyed to see the chef. The lesson got off to a fine start, with Ramsay throwing a few compliments at Gomez here, and a few critiques there. But everything reached a head when the "Wolves" singer couldn't figure out what to do with the four pans on the stove.

"Wrong [expletive] pan," Ramsay snapped, when Gomez laid down the first steak. "What the [expletive]? Sorry" Gomez retorted back. "Next one in!" Ramsay yelled at a flustered Gomez, referring to the steaks. "Next one in! Next one in please," Ramsay screamed impatiently, out of the Malibu house doors. Thankfully, Gomez was a good sport and simply laughed off the theatrics. Who says she isn't a tough cookie?

While this episode marked the end of Season 4, fans are still holding out hope that "Selena + Chef" will return for a fifth installment. As of right now, the show has not been cancelled or renewed (via TV Cancel Renew).