McDonald's Sprite Was Just Honored In A Unique Way

When it comes to McDonald's beverages and noise, the first thing that may come to mind is consumers' reactions to the price increase on its drinks earlier this summer. After TikTok user @seaairuhg posted a video showing the updated drink price at a location of the chain, explaining, "That depressing moment when you realize dollar drink days are finally ruined by inflation," followers were quick to commiserate. One responder even wrote, "Why is life a never ending nightmare."

Another, perhaps less dramatic, topic of conversation on McDonald's beverages and sound involves the chain's Sprite. Some customers have claimed for a while now, that McDonald's Sprite tastes different. According to Spoon University, there may be some truth to the claim, owing to the amount of syrup concentrate McDonald's uses, how it's filtered, and other factors. On June 21, McDonald's offered a free Sprite with any order on its app to encourage customers to describe what sound they feel the drink tastes like (via McDonald's website). Now, someone has turned those sound-themed responses into a musical work of art.

TisaKorean has dedicated a track to McDonald's Sprite

The taste of McDonald's Sprite has been described in countless creative ways. According to a press release from the chain, customers have referred to it as crispy, crunchy, electric, and also static. Going off that last adjective, McDonald's worked with TisaKorean to produce a track dedicated to McDonald's Sprite called "Static" featuring — what else — static sounds. The song was released on TikTok and Instagram, while McDonald's also posted a YouTube video sampling "Static."

In McDonald's press release, TisKorean reveals, "My go-to drink at McDonald's has always been Sprite — it gives you that electrifying taste that reminds you of static." McDonald's also encouraged any other fans of its Sprite to share videos using "Static" on Instagram or TikTok using #McDonaldsStaticSprite. If McDonald's is betting on social media traction for this campaign, then TisaKorean might not be a bad choice to back it. According to Pitchfork, the rapper is "a key figure in soundtracking the Texas dance-rap boom," and his entertaining dance videos (often in parking lots) have earned him over 500,000 followers on TikTok.

Only time will tell if TisaKorean's music collab will have McDonald's dancing all the way to the bank. But some TikTok commenters have responded in promising ways. User Jack remarked, "Only add I can get behind, gettin McDonald's tn just cuz of this" while Keonicon referred to "Static" as the "best ad I've ever seen."