Insomnia Cookies Just Announced The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Flavor

If milk and cookies are one of the most iconic food combos of all time, and Oreos are milk's favorite cookie, then by the power of the transitive property (if a=b and b=c, then a=c), we can say that Oreos and milk are one of life's most perfect pairs. Additionally, since milk is one of the main ingredients in ice cream, one could also say that the frozen dairy treat makes a great partner for Oreos. Of course, that may be why so many different companies have tried to lay claim to cookies 'n cream ice cream over the years (via Dairy Herd).

We may never determine the true origins of the cookie-infused ice cream (though Blue Bell makes a pretty strong case). However, one thing we do know is that whoever created it did society a favor. A recent survey by the International Dairy Foods Association found cookies 'n cream to be the second most popular ice cream flavor in America.

All that being said, it may seem impossible for the elite pairing of ice cream and cookies to get any better. In fact, that was pretty much the case until last summer when the geniuses at Insomnia Cookies created a cookies 'n cream-flavored cookie that was infused with silky vanilla ice cream, vanilla chips, and broken cookie sandwich pieces (via Bake Mag). The baked good became an instant favorite for Insomniacs, many of whom were devastated when the company ended the limited-edition dessert's run.

Cookies 'n cream cookies are back for one week

It's been nearly a year since cookie fanatics have been able to sink their teeth into one of Insomnia Cookies' ice cream-inspired cookies 'n cream cookies, and Insomniacs have certainly felt its absence from the menu. But it appears that their messages have caught the eyes of the purveyors of warm midnight snacks. After teasing the return of a "true Insomniac fave cookie flavor" on Instagram yesterday, the chain announced Tuesday that the treat had officially made its way back into Insomnia Cookies stores and is available for nationwide shipping.

"A batch made in cookie heaven is back! Insomniac-fave Cookies 'N Cream cookies just dropped for one week only," the chain wrote in an Instagram post that has quickly generated some serious buzz. "Rip like $30 of my paycheck," one person wrote. "I need these thanks," quipped another follower in all caps.

Sadly, the second coming of Insomnia's cookies 'n cream cookies does not include the vegan version this time around — and that's not the only bad news. The flavor will also only be available until Sunday, September 11, or while supplies last. Fortunately, Insomnia Cookies stores are open until 3 a.m., so you can truly make the most of the cookies 'n cream's limited-time return.