Courtney Hamilton

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University Of California, Irvine
Food Rankings, Food And Grocery Features
  • Courtney has been a writer and editor for 10 years, with lots of (delicious) experience in the food niche.
  • She has written for brands like ButcherBox and PaleoHacks, and covered food news for an award-winning alternative weekly.
  • She's also helped in the process of cookbook creation.


Courtney Hamilton is a writer and editor with a decade of experience in the field. She loves writing about food most of all, having worked with brands like ButcherBox, PaleoHacks, Pique Tea, The Paleo Diet, and more. She has written about food and local news for past alternative paper OC Weekly. In her career as a writer, she's helped deliver polished recipes and craft cookbooks. Beyond the food niche, Courtney has worked in many writing specialties, like newsletters, ghostwriting, and communications.


Courtney has a B.A. in English from University of California, Irvine. There, she took many classes in literary journalism, and served as an editor for two school publications.
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