Dawn Klavon

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Herndon, Virginia
Harvard University, Boston University
Food, Hospitality, Travel
  • A longtime foodie with family and close friends in the hospitality and wine industry, Dawn writes about what she knows. Whether it's food blogs, restaurateur profiles, popular restaurants, or alluring menu items, she's got the scoop on all things food.
  • Maybe it's an autumn harvest Beaujolais dinner, or a 6-year old's Willie Wonka-themed party ... maybe a winter birthday brunch for 20, or a teen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed scavenger hunt. No matter -- Dawn's creative approach to hospitality sets her events apart, overwhelms guests, and creates priceless memories.
  • As a child, Dawn's father traveled for his job, and she heard about all the exciting destinations his work required. As an adult, she has traveled to over 25 countries, seeking unique corners of the world to explore, diving into culture, cuisine and customs.


Writing is in Dawn Klavon's DNA; her business card shows her photo at age 9, typing a paper for her fifth-grade class on her mom's electric typewriter. All these years later, Dawn wants nothing more than to do a deep dive on writing about compelling topics -- food, travel, hospitality, and lifestyle. Today, Dawn works as a freelance writer, traveling the globe with her husband and writing from any coffee shop, hotel lobby, or boulangerie where she feels inspired.


Having earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University and a master's degree in journalism from Harvard University, Dawn is uniquely qualified to craft feature stories on fascinating people, trendy foods, and glamorous lifestyles. She authored a book during her first year in grad school, along with her professor and classmates, called "Journalism Today -- Profiles in Passion and Diversity."
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