Erika Carsella

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Kansas City, MO
New England Culinary Institute
Sustainable Living, Food Education, Food Awareness
  • Erika started her first food blog in 2012 called The Joy Of Cooking, where she wrote about the technicalities of making pasta at home and how to forage mushrooms. Later in 2021, she started Foodsplainer - an informative blog and podcast that spreads food awareness and teaches food education to the general public, whether you're a home cook or a seasoned chef.
  • Erika also freelance writes for other food bloggers.
  • Her culinary expertise and experience writing for food blogger startups has earned her respect amongst other fellow food writers and food bloggers.


Erika Carsella, owner of Foodsplainer blog, is a published food writer and blogger with years of experience in the food industry. She spent time working in restaurants and catering in New Orleans, Vermont, Kansas City, and also has Michelin star experience in New York City. Erika’s style of writing is quirky, informative, entertaining, well-spoken, and she’s sure to entice you with her riveting words.


Erika studied Culinary Arts and Business Management at the New England Culinary Institute. This has not only given Erika the experience writing in-depth publications on sustainability and other social issues such as food insecurity, Monsanto and so on, but it has given her hands-on experience in the real world as a classically-trained chef who understands how food works, how it should taste and how to write about it in a way that it can resonate with any audience member.
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