Gabby Romero

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New York University
American Cuisine, New York City Restaurants, Weeknight Recipes
  • Gabby has worked in the food industry as a chef, instructor, and recipe developer since 2019.
  • Her work has been featured in StarChefs Rising Stars Magazine, Aboveboard Media, and Food52.
  • She specializes in cuisine from her home state of New Mexico and making it accessible to cooks nationwide.


Gabby is a lifelong cook and has been a food writer since 2019. Her experience ranges from developing recipes, covering the American restaurant scene, and profiling some of New York's most exciting new chefs. She also produces and stars in online cooking videos. When she's not writing about food, Gabby is working towards her certification as a sommelier.


Gabby earned her bachelor's degrees at New York University in Journalism and Communication with a minor in Food Studies. She is currently working towards a degree at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.
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