Jerry Landry

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Los Angeles, California, USA
Michigan State University
Screenwriting, Pop Culture, Sports
  • Screenwriting teaches you how to logically connect elements within a narrative better than any form of writing. It's tremendously difficult and the bar is high, and Jerry believes working against this challenge has improved his writing well.
  • Jerry reads a ton and tries to stay attuned to the Zeitgeist, and thinks his pop-culture expertise has arrived via osmosis.
  • Sports reveal the ultimate depth of human character. Jerry Landry was a sportswriter for Rant Media in Orange County from 2014-15, and outside of learning a TON about what fans really want to read, he tries to employ the lessons that competitive sports teach us about character.


Jerry Landry is a former Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In 2018, he retired from the USPTO and liquidated his retirement portfolio to go all-in on writing. He's written several screenplays that finished as finalists in national screenwriting competitions, and several short stories you can find on Medium. Jerry enjoys reading, spending time with his dog, and continuously improving his prose.


B.S. Biomedical Engineering -- This degree taught him that you can learn anything. He achieved this degree in 2.5 years after changing majors from Kinesiology. Knowing he could achieve this, Jerry now knows he can achieve something he truly wants, and that's to become a successful writer.
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