Mary Osborne

Photo of Mary Osborne
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
University Of Southern Mississippi
Video Games, Books, Film, Comics
  • Mary is a News Writer and Feature Writer for SVG and Looper Gaming.
  • She maintains a podcast and blog called BookSquadGoals that covers books, film, and other forms of entertainment and pop culture. This public humanities project requires knowledge of audio editing, writing, interviewing, and research.
  • Mary's academic work has appeared in Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South. She specializes in young adult literature and disability studies, but has written extensively on comics in the academic sphere.


Mary recently earned her PhD in English from the University of Mississippi, and has published scholarly work in Southern Studies, but her true passion lies in pop culture news. For four years, she's cohosted BookSquadGoals, a public humanities project in the form of a podcast and blog. She uses her analysis skills to write for SVG and Looper Gaming, bringing the best gaming news to the internet.


Mary earned her PhD in English from the University of Southern Mississippi, where she honed her abilities to write quickly, concisely, and accurately. One of her scholarly interests is pop culture, allowing her to fit right in.
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