Richard Milner

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Tokyo, Japan
Southern Methodist University
Western Connecticut State University
Science And Technology, World History, Literature, Music, The Occult, Video, Tabletop Games,
  • Richard is a writer for multiple outlets including Grunge, the Japanese National Tourism Organization, Voyapon, Rabbit Hole Magazine, and Metropolis Magazine.
  • A US-born expatriate, Richard is a world traveler, and lover of all things weird, obscure, fringe, esoteric, and other similar adjectives.
  • His first novel, the speculative fiction piece Vessel of Kali, can be found if you consider yourself truly dedicated to the cause. Besides having written lots of short stories, he's also hard at work on an as-yet-undisclosed literary project.


Richard is a professor in the Department of International Studies at Kyoritsu Women's University in Tokyo, Japan, where he teaches English Communications and Writing courses. In 2019, he was the recipient of Writer in Residence awards in Sysmä, Finland and the Canary Islands. In addition to Grunge, which serves as a wonderful repository for the absurd amount of historical, scientific, literary, occult, musical, and gaming knowledge prowling his skull, he has written for the Japanese National Tourism Organization, Voyapon, Rabbit Hole Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, and more. Besides these, he's also worked at the human rights organization, Amnesty International UK, acute mental healthcare facilities in New York and Connecticut, and counts Bioware among the studios where he's done time as a video game designer.


Richard got his BA in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University, where he was a National Merit Scholar and member of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society for Psychology. His name is on some academic papers, so that must count for something. Plus he studied, like, loads of English. He got his MA in Digital Creative Media from Southern Methodist University, with a Certification in Game Design and a whole lot of experience with digital illustration, coding, 3D environment building, systems design, and other vestigial skills that now serve as mere fodder for his writing.
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