Richard Milner

Photo of Richard Milner
The Hague, Netherlands
Southern Methodist University, Western Connecticut State University
Ancient Civilizations And Mythologies, Cosmology And Astrophysics, The Occult
  • Richard is the winner of writer-in-residence awards in Finland and the Canary Islands.
  • Richard is an author of the speculative fiction novel "Vessel of Kali," and editor for the Tokyo Poetry Journal.
  • Richard is a former Professor of English at Kyoritsu University in Tokyo, Japan.


Richard began as a U.S.-born child poet obsessed with space and science as much as mythology and the ancient world, and in that regard not much has changed. He's lived in multiple cities on multiple continents, and speaks Japanese, Spanish, and Dutch in addition to his native English. In his professional life, he's worked in academic circles as much as artistic circles, and above most things has enjoyed performing his poetry in underground Tokyo venues. In his personal life, he's a practicing heathen with first-hand involvement in in druidic, Wiccan, Ásatrúar, and astrological circles, to name a few. He's done journalistic and travel writing for the Japanese National Tourism Organization, Voyapon, Metropolis Magazine, Rabbit Hole Magazine, and others. Richard has recently launched Fifth Muse Missives, a literary venture meant to condense his past work and future work into one repository.


Richard turned from his original field of interest, theoretical physics, to something more intra- and interpersonal: psychology vis-à-vis cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Connecticut State University as a National Merit Scholar and member of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society in Psychology. Later on, he turned his attention to the merger of technology and the arts by getting his MA in Interactive Technology at Southern Methodist University. He is a certified Game Designer with both AAA titles and indie games under his belt.
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