Ryan McPhee

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New York, New York
Boston University
Cooking, Plant-Based Eating, Spices
  • Ryan was one of the first contestants — and only amateur cook — to compete on "Money Hungry," Food Network's palate-testing series.
  • He has previously written in the culinary sphere for Food52 and Playbill, having served as the latter's managing news editor for five years.
  • Through his travels and at-home studies, Ryan has learned from chefs from across five continents.


Ryan is a New York City-based writer and reporter who cut his teeth on the theatre beat. During the 2020 Broadway shutdown, he began to pivot toward food editorial, tapping into a passion that began as a college student, when he'd procrastinate by way of binging Food Network. In August 2021, he appeared on the premiere episode of the channel's taste test series "Money Hungry," making it further in the competition than most professional competitors. Ryan's spice-forward style of cooking is influenced by his Indian roots and travels.


Ryan received his Bachelor's Degree from Boston University, where he studied advertising and theatre production.
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