Sarah Buddery

Photo of Sarah Buddery
Surrey, UK
Strodes College
Food In Pop Culture, Vegetarian Dishes, "The Great British Baking Show"
  • Sarah specializes in deep dives on topics, and her dream food-related deep-dive would be to sample the best cheese from every cheese-producing country in the world.
  • A recent convert to meal delivery kits, Sarah is particularly passionate about vegetarian recipes and taking the stress out of cooking.
  • She is an obsessive movie watcher and wishes that all the food in Studio Ghibli movies could be available to eat as you watch.


Sarah has been an editor at Mashed since January of 2024. She has been writing and editing for more than seven years, specializing in entertainment and branching out into other areas. After starting her own blog in 2016, she has gone on to write for several publications, including Looper, What to Watch, JumpCut Online, Cineworld, and many more. Additionally, she hosts two podcasts — "Let's Jaws for a Minute," a minute-by-minute breakdown of the movie "Jaws" and "Let's Party with Marty" exploring the films of Martin Scorsese and appears as a guest on a number of other podcasts. Career highlights include speaking on a panel about film criticism at the Glasgow Film Festival, attending several film festivals as an accredited press member, and working on the red carpet for some star-studded premieres.


Sarah studied English literature and language, history, and media studies at Strodes College in leafy Surrey, UK.
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