Steve Mosco

Franklin Square, NY
Queens College
Food Features, Chef Profiles, Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food History
  • Steve has written about food professionally for more than a decade, with his obsession for all things delicious beginning well before that.
  • He's written (probably) hundreds of dining reviews, chef and restaurant profiles, recipes, food history stories, and food-related general interest pieces over the course of his career in journalism and beyond.
  • Steve was a reporter for two separate newspapers in Queens, NY, covering every conceivable story, along with food. Eventually, he moved to a newspaper on Long Island, where he earned the title of editor-in-chief while maintaining his weekly food stories.


Steve Mosco's experience in food writing began when he was an intern at the Queens Courier in 2009. After a few years of advancing through the ranks at that paper, he moved over to the Times Ledger, where he covered more hard news than food. After a year, he landed at Anton Media Group on Long Island, where he advanced from reporter, to managing editor, to editor-in-chief in short order. For the duration of his time at Anton Media Group, he contributed weekly food-related stories to multiple Anton publications, including Long Island Weekly, while maintaining the demanding duties of editor-in-chief. Currently, Steve works full time for a marketing agency on Long Island, specializing in inbound marketing and SEO.


Steve earned his bachelor's degree in media studies and journalism from Queens College, where he learned the fundamentals of journalism and discovered his unique writing style.
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