25 Best Flavored Vodkas That Aren't Gross

Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits of all time. It might solicit memories of college debauchery and painful hangovers, but there are plenty of classy ways to enjoy the spirit. We certainly can celebrate its intricacies while avoiding the dreaded "Jungle Juice" or plastic handles of liquid that tastes like rubbing alcohol. 

Some people may think that all vodka is made from Russian potatoes, but that's a myth. What's more, many vodka distillers like to infuse flavors into the clear spirit to further expand its possibilities. 

Flavored vodka can be much better than the syrupy stuff that may have marred your early days of drinking. Thankfully, not all flavored vodkas are so disappointing. There are plenty of craft flavored vodkas worth mixing into your favorite classic cocktails. You can even cut out some work and enjoy a few straight on the rocks. If you need inspiration, we've rounded up 25 of the best flavored vodkas that aren't gross in hopes that you will find your next bar staple. The flavors range from sweet to spicy, so rest assured that there's something for every palate and cocktail preference.

Belvedere Organic Infusions Lemon and Basil

Belvedere is one of those top shelf vodka brands that are smooth enough to drink straight-up. Vodka on the rocks isn't for everyone, so Belvedere released its Organic Infusions line with a full 80-proof vodka base, but with added flavors. We recommend the lemon and basil variety in this line for something that's subtle yet well-rounded. 

Belvedere Organic Expressions Lemon & Basil is good by itself, mixed with plain soda water, or added to the average vodka Collins or other mixed drink. The master distillers who created this blend added a hint of elderflower botanicals to the mix, too, so there are some slight floral notes to accompany the smooth taste. Total Wine sells a 750 mL bottle of this vodka blend for just more than $30 as of September 2022. "The best vodka I've tasted," one customer wrote on Belvedere Vodka's Facebook page. "Stunning drink." 

Black Cow & English Strawberries

Black Cow vodka is a one-of-a-kind vodka worth seeking out if you happen to be in the right place at the right time (currently, it's only available in the UK). It's the world's first pure milk vodka, made with cheese byproducts. During the cheesemaking process, curds are separated from the whey liquid, which is typically discarded. Since 2012, Black Cow has taken that whey and distilled it into vodka. It's safe for those with lactose intolerance, though those with severe dairy allergies should still steer clear. This vodka is not only delicious, but it also helps to reduce the environmental impacts of cheese production and distillation.

Milk is the only ingredient in Black Cow, beside English strawberries. True to its mission, the brand takes locally sourced, leftover, or misshapen berries that people typically don't buy and infuses them with its regular vodka for a bright and fruity flavor. 

Black Infusions Gold Apricot

Black Infusions already saw success with its black fig flavored vodka, so it created the must-try Gold Apricot blend. The brand uses a distillation process that filters the corn-based spirit through charcoal and lava rocks. Then, it's infused with dried California apricots for up to six weeks before it's lightly filtered, leaving the vodka with that namesake beautiful amber hue. Gold Apricot is bottled by hand in small batches and doesn't contain any added sugar, so it's one of the more subtle flavored options on the list. Even so, it still gives you something a little different than plain, unflavored types of vodka.

Total Wine sells Black Infusions Gold Apricot for about $30 a bottle, and the high quality is apparent upon first sip. "I normally don"t drink flavored vodka's, however this was a very smooth great tasting vodka," one customer wrote in a glowing review.

Breckenridge Pear

To mix up your typical pear martini, try mixing in Breckenridge Distillery's pear-flavored vodka infused with Palisade, Colorado pears. The distillery makes a pear brandy out of ripe fruit, which it then blends with vodka made out of sweet corn. Breckenridge prides itself as being the highest altitude distillery in the United States. If that has any effect on making such a naturally fruit-flavored vodka, we're all for it. 

Breckenridge Pear is pleasantly dry and has a nice balance of fruity notes, acidity, and savory flavors to keep it interesting. Drizly also a 750 mL bottle for just $20, so its price alone makes it worth buying at least once. "Living in Colorado for four years there is just something about these Palisade Pears they use to flavor it," one Drizly customer wrote in a review. "It's got a true flavor without having the syrup-like flavoring you can taste in other vodkas."

Charbay Green Tea

Green tea vodka might not be everyone's cup of tea (pun absolutely intended), but Charbay is looking to change that. The brand introduced the green tea-infused flavor in 2004. It uses four different varieties of whole-leaf green tea that's dried and processed over 120 days. The tea is then blended with vodka, bottled up, and those of us willing to try something different get to enjoy the fruits of the brand's labor. The family who invented Charbay vodka has a history in winemaking and distilling that goes back more than 250 years, so the creators of this stuff definitely have the craft in their blood.

The green tea flavor is obviously strong, but there are herbal and fruity notes in the bottle that help to round it out with a slight honey sweetness. That more than makes it a total package that you can drink on its own.

Crater Lake Sweet Ginger

Mix up your Moscow mule by swapping out plain old vodka for Crater Lake's Sweet Ginger infused vodka. The distillery based on Bend, Oregon infuses its corn-based vodka with candied ginger to add both spice and sweetness to the spirit. Its bottled at a slightly lower proof than clear vodka, with the bottle containing 35% alcohol by volume, making it a good option on its own. It's zesty, but nothing too overwhelming that makes it unpleasant. Crater Lake is one of the oldest and largest distilleries in Oregon, and its flavored vodkas are not to be passed up. 

A 750 mL bottle of the ginger-flavored vodka sells for $28 on Total Wine as of September 2022, but fans say it's worth trying out. "I absolutely love this vodka! It's great just alone as a sipping vodka," one customer wrote in a review on the retailer's website. 

Crop Cucumber

Cucumber vodka should be as light and refreshing as the fruit it's inspired by. Crop Vodka's organic cucumber-flavored vodka is one of the best renditions of the flavor you can purchase. It has the crisp vegetal notes you'd expect from a cucumber, with a slight floral quality to keep things interesting. Crop Cucumber vodka is one of those subtle vodkas that can totally transform a boring cocktail into something extraordinary. It can add an interesting new quality to a Bloody Mary or cut the sweetness in a classy Cosmopolitan, and that's just the beginning of how you can use this bottle up. 

Drizly sells a bottle of Crop Cucumber for $25, which is a solid price for such a first-rate product. Reviewers on the site had plenty of nice things to say, including recommendations to pair it with a slice of watermelon to get the most out of the summery flavor.

Dixie Black Pepper

Speaking of a must-try in Bloody Marys, Dixie Black Pepper vodka is the unexpected savory and spicy spirit you need in your drinks (and oyster shooters). The Charleston, South Carolina brand steeps its vodka in serrano peppers for a week before infusing the liquor with Sichuan and Madagascar black peppercorns. It's not too spicy despite all of the peppers, so don't be too worried that your mouth will be on fire while you're sipping on some Dixie. 

Dixie is the official vodka of NASCAR, if that adds to the brand's appeal in your book. It also does it part for the environment, donating at least 1% of sales to local organizations aimed at sustainability efforts. A 750 mL bottle also costs just $17 on Total Wine, so it's another budget-friendly no-brainer to add to your bar. "Not what you think ...Better," one customer wrote in a review. 

Effen Yuzu Citrus

For those sweet and sour drinks like a vodka soda or a lemon drop martini, try out Effen Yuzu Citrus, which is bursting with so many fruity flavors that it's hard to detect them all. Effen's 100% wheat vodka is mixed with tangy yuzu fruit and notes of lemon, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, and oranges for a bright and versatile spirit. It's chill distilled and carbon filtered at the brand's Holland distillery and bottled at 37.5% ABV, so this is definitely a stiff drink on its own. Effen vodka also engages in many charity efforts via partnerships with nonprofits that support diversity and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Effen Yuzu Citrus may look like a fancy bottle, but the summery flavor is selling on Total Wine for under $20 as of September 2022. "One of my favorites thus far," one fan of the flavor wrote on Effen vodka's Instagram page. 

Frankly Organic Pomegranate

Pomegranate and vodka is an underrated combination, but Frankly Organic didn't overlook its potential with the brand's pomegranate and lemon-flavored spirit. Corn vodka is blended with pomegranate, lemon, turmeric, ginger, maca root, and maple syrup for a slightly sweet, slightly energizing, and all around delicious experience. One percent of revenue is donated from Frankly Organic to support no-kill animal shelters, sanctuaries, and other animal advocacy organizations. 

Frankly Organic pomegranate vodka is a little lower in booze content at 30% ABV and sells for about $20 a bottle (via Total Wine). "It's tart and not fake sweet like all the other terrible vodka's out there! This is the real deal," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. The flavored vodka is a bit more sour than it is sweet, but a touch of plain soda water and this spirit can taste like a miraculously well-balanced cocktail without any added ingredients or garnishes. 

Grand Teton Huckleberry

Huckleberries aren't exactly one of those fruits you can easily pick up at the grocery store. In fact, the labor-intensive crop is only found in the wild, which is why the folks at Grant Teton Distillery head into the wilderness to pick it themselves. They take their vodka made from Idaho potatoes and pure glacier water from the Tetons and infuse it with huckleberries for 12 weeks to absorb their tart flavor.

Gran Teton Huckleberry is freeze filtered six times through charcoal and garnet crystal, resulting in a smooth spirit worthy of drinking straight-up. This unusual flavor is also a great way to mix up your typical vodka soda cocktail. The distillery sells a bottle for $25, and it seems to be a hit among its customers. "I enjoy lots of flavored vodkas [...] but Grand Teton's Huckleberry is my all time favorite," one customer review raved.

Greenhouse Peach Orange Blossom

Peach is one of those flavors that can often taste sugary and artificial rather than resembling the actual fruit. Green House Spirits decided to amplify the essence of the real stone fruit with a hint of orange blossom in one of its flavored vodkas that is an absolute knockout. It's another lower ABV option at 60 proof and is USDA-certified organic. The peach flavor pairs well with iced tea for a Southern-inspired spiked refreshment. It also works great when mixed with an orange-flavored sparkling water. Green House also has refreshing cucumber and grapefruit flavors that sway more floral than some of the other options on the list, if that's a quality you prefer in fruit-flavored vodkas. 

Green House Peach Orange Blossom is another budget-friendly flavor, with Total Wine selling a bottle for $20. "An amazing aroma and delicious combo of peach and orange blossoms," one Total Wine customer wrote.

Hangar 1 Honeycomb

Fruit flavored vodkas are always popular, but it takes time and practice to master a honey-flavored vodka. Honey-flavored anything can quickly become too sweet, and when it comes to vodka, the spirit needs to perfectly balance with the natural sweetness. In fact, no bottle really compares to Hangar 1's honeycomb vodka. This spirit is infused with honeycomb rather than honey, which gives it a deep caramel flavor that isn't too thick or sticky. 

Hangar 1 only produces the honeycomb flavor on a seasonal basis, while keeping sustainability and the environmental importance of bees in mind. The flavor has a slight ginger zing and some vegetal elements to help balance out the sweetness, making it an interesting spirit to mix into Moscow mules and vodka martinis. "Seriously this honey vodka makes the best mules ever! That's my favorite way to have it," one fan wrote on Hangar 1's Instagram. 

Hanson of Sonoma Habanero

Sometimes a shot of hot sauce and a teaspoon of horseradish aren't enough to make a Bloody Mary as spicy as some people like. For those who want their vodka to burn more than usual, Hanson of Sonoma's Habanero vodka is the way to go. The distillery throws seven different kinds of organic peppers into its vodka, which is itself distilled from organic grapes. It's obviously spicy, but the heat isn't all-encompassing. There are actually many subtle sweet and savory elements in this flavored vodka thanks to the variety of peppers infused into the spirit. That said, the spice-adverse should beware because the heat is still definitely present.

Drizly sells Hanson of Sonoma Habanero for less than $30 a bottle. "My go to drink for summer! Spicy, delicious and refreshing," one Influenster review reads. "If you are looking for vodka with an extra kick, this is the one." 

Heritage Lavender

Lavender is the sort of flavor that's delicate and herbal, but can get overwhelming quickly if it's too concentrated in any sort of food or drink. The Pacific Northwest-based Heritage Distilling has a well-balanced vodka that is infused with lavender, though that flavor is complemented by notes of vanilla, mint, and oak. The distillery sells a 750 mL bottle of the 60 proof spirit for $25, so this is also a budget-friendly option to try for yourself or to give away as a gift. 

Heritage Lavender vodka particularly tastes good when it's paired with lemonade or perhaps with a simple seltzer for a bubbly spritzer. The bright purple color is likewise appealing and fun to play around with when it's mixed into different cocktails. "One of my favorites! I might just have a few bottles in my home bar," one fan of the flavor wrote on Heritage Distilling's Instagram. 

Infuse Cinnamon Apple

When fall comes around and you're looking for an excuse to enjoy a festive drink, Infuse Spirits Cinnamon Apple vodka is there. It's a flavored liquor that goes with almost anything. It's uniquely amber-colored, thanks to the apple slices and cinnamon sticks left to float inside the bottle. The corn-based vodka tastes like a cinnamon-spiced apple pie and mixes well with seltzer, apple cider, ginger beer, lemon tea, and quite a lot more.

Infused Spirits Cinnamon Apple has a burn not from the vodka itself, but from the warm flavors mixing together. "Infuse makes the cleanest tasting vodka I've ever tried," one customer wrote in a review on the brand's Instagram. This must-have vodka for autumn sells for just $19 at Total Wine as of September 2022, so there's no excuse not to indulge in a festive bottle and see what the hype is really all about. 

Kachka Horseradish

Horseradish is an acquired taste, so Portland, Oregon-based Kachka vodka that is infused with locally-grown horseradish root isn't for everyone. Kachka started as a Russian restaurant before it gained a larger following for its horseradish vodka that's slightly sweet thanks to a drop of honey. The unique spirit is most often featured in dirty martinis, Bloody Marys, and oyster shooters, but Kachka also has its signature way of enjoying the vodka straight up. 

The brand recommends that, to do this properly, you should first take a scallion and dip it in flaky salt. After you shoot back an icy shot of Kachka Horseradish vodka, chase it with a bite of the salty scallion for a flavor explosion. "This is delicious," one fan wrote on Kachka's Instagram. If horseradish is one of your favorite condiments, consider this a bucket-list vodka that you simply have to get your hands on. 

OYO Stone Fruit

OYO Stone Fruit vodka from Middle West Spirits is a flavored vodka that celebrates local produce. The 70 proof liquor from Columbus, Ohio starts with a base of vodka distilled from Ohio red winter wheat. Then, the distillers add Montemorency cherries, yellow peaches, apricots, almonds, hibiscus, and Ohio wildflower honey for a flavored spirit that is naturally sweet with plenty of floral notes to balance it all out. Because there's so much going on in this bottle, OYO is definitely one of those flavored vodkas you can enjoy straight or diluted with a little club soda. It can also brighten up boring cocktails like a plain vodka and soda or even a humble screwdriver. 

OYO Stone Fruit is one of the pricier flavored vodkas out there, at just over $30 on Drizly as of September 2022, but we think the price reflects the vodka's high quality and good taste.

Purity 34 Mediterranean Citrus Spritz

Out of all the flavored vodkas on the list, Purity 34 Mediterranean Citrus Spritz is one that really is meant to be enjoyed on its own. It's nothing short of a cocktail in a bottle — all you need to do is pour it over some ice and enjoy. Purity Distillery does things differently — it operates out of a Swedish castle, for one. The distillers don't play around when it comes to creating clean, smooth vodka. This spritz is distilled a whopping 34 times before it's mixed with orange, bergamot, grapefruit, and botanicals that really amp up the Mediterranean vibe. 

Purity Spritz, which contains 30% ABV, sells for $22 a bottle on Total Wine, which is pretty decent for a drink that's all-in-one bottle. "This vodka is very smooth and has just a hint of citrus sweetness that makes it very refreshing on a hit summer day," one review on Total Wine reads.

St. George Green Chili

St. George Green Chili vodka may sound like something meant for spice lovers, but even those with a low tolerance for heat can enjoy this savory vegetable-forward spirit. As described by the Alameda, California-based distiller, the flavor resembles that of a freshly-made salsa verde. The recipe features a variety of peppers (including jalapeños, serranos, habaneros, and bell peppers), cilantro, and lime. It all results in a liquor that contains 40% alcohol by volume. 

After the filtering is all done, the vodka is left with a light green tint for an effect that is endlessly useful in just about any drink with a savory edge. "This is absolutely incredible. The coriander (sorry, sorry 'Cilantro') is the most prominent note on this spirit," one especially happy Master of Malt user wrote. "Props, son. Props." A bottle of St. George Green Chili sells for about $30 on Drizly

Thunder Toffee + Vodka

London's own Thunder Drinks created a toffee vodka that was inspired by a drink popular amongst skiers in the French Alps during the 1980s and 1990s. The refreshment was a DIY combination of thick toffee and vodka, meant to help someone warm up after a day on the slopes. The brand bottled it into a ready-to-drink liquor that's 30% ABV. 

With its unique amber color and rich flavor, Thunder Toffee is definitely a strong spirit, but the sweet notes of caramel keep it mellow and rather dangerously drinkable. It's perfectly suited to pour over ice in order to enjoy this liquor all on its own, or it makes a great addition to spiked coffees and hot chocolates to really warm you up on a cold winter day. For an extra special kick, you might even consider bringing in a liqueur such as Bailey's to round things out.

Truly Pineapple Mango

Truly is best known for its endlessly crushable hard seltzers, but it's created a line of flavored vodkas for those looking to sip on something stronger. Out of the three flavors, the stand-out for tropical fruit lovers is the Pineapple Mango vodka. It's meant to be enjoyed on the beach and is the perfect mixer for boozy slushes blended with ice. 

A bottle of the 30% ABV flavored vodka sells for $17 on Drizly as of September 2022. Truly's tropical flavored vodka is another all-in-one drink that doesn't require a mixer. It is a little on the sweet side, so beware if that is a turn off for you. It's not overly sugary though, and the sweetness is easily cut by mixing this spirit with a little bit of soda water. "All three are absolutely delicious," one fan of the flavored vodkas wrote on Truly's Instagram page. 

Van Gogh Double Espresso

Van Gogh Vodka has a long line of flavored vodkas for any  palate, including those of us who can't get enough coffee. The brand sells a clear espresso-flavored spirit, but the dark double espresso flavored vodka from Van Gogh is one that really takes cocktails to the next level. It's dark and rich, making it the ultimate 70 proof vodka to really elevate your espresso martini game. The single espvodka has some pleasant fruity notes to keep it refreshing, while the double espresso tastes like decadent chocolate. 

Other fans of the flavor on Influenster suggest using Van Gogh Double Espresso as a swap for regular vodka in White Russians and Mudslides, or even to go beyond mixing drinks. "Bold espresso flavor. I like to drink it alone, I add it as a kick to my coffee and always use it in my tiramisu," one Influenster user wrote.

Western Son Blueberry

Rarely do blueberry flavored spirits actually taste like a fresh-picked fruit. Western Son Blueberry is the outlier. It compliments the mild flavor of blueberries with hints of sour blackberries and raspberries in its vodka. The distillery in Pilot Point, Texas uses a blend of Midwest and Texas corn in its vodka before infusing the fruit. It's a must-try for vodka mojitos or spiked lemonades.

Western Son donates a portion of sales from each of its bottles to a non-profit organization that collects and delivers care packages to deployed members of the military. A bottle also sells on Drizly for just $17, so it's a budget-friendly that will at least help charity if you end up not loving the flavor. "The underlying vodka is smooth, the flavors are multifaceted, and their offerings have more place in genuine mixology," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of the bottle. 

Wild Roots Marionberry

A marionberry is a specific breed of blackberry native to Oregon that is a bit firm. It maintains the distinct tartness of a blackberry, but with a bit more natural sweetness in the dark purple bite. Marionberries account for more than half of the blackberries grown in Oregon, and Wild Roots decided to honor their local roots by incorporating the berry into a flavored vodka (via Oregon Berries). 

One bottle of Wild Roots Marionberry is infused with more than a pound of real berries and features corn-based vodka that's distilled six times. The liquor resembles liquid jam, which gives it a thick, luscious quality like berry pie filling. Wild Roots Marionberry sells for $25 on Drizly and customers boast that there are a plethora of ways to incorporate it into drinks. "I feel like it would be good with anything. Maybe even pancakes," one Drizly reviewer wrote.