Alex Darus

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Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio University
Food, Drink, Tv, Movies, And Celebrities
  • Alex is a features writer for Mashed and a news writer for Looper.
  • Alex has been reporting on various happenings in entertainment and culture since 2015 for publications like Us Weekly,, ScreenRant, the Provincetown Banner, RealityTea, Alternative Press, Tasting Table, and more.
  • Whether she's working on a story about the Real Housewives or some real good recipes, Alex dives head-first into the topics she covers as they align with her personal passions.


Alex's reporting work has taken her from her hometown of Cleveland to the shores of Cape Cod. Her passion for writing and adventure tends to go hand-in-hand — meaning she can often be found recapping reality TV shows while waiting for a flight or spontaneously interviewing the kitchen staff at a new-to-her dive bar. Her two passions are food/drink and pop culture, so she finds even more delight when she gets to combine the two in her work. Whether she's delving into the drama on her favorite reality show or exploring the depths of her kitchen cabinets, Alex finds pleasure in the small delights of life, especially when food is involved.


Alex studied at Ohio University and spent a semester in Salamance, Spain studying Spanish language and culture. She worked for the editorially-independent student-run newspaper The Post throughout college, expanding the paper's web content and online presence.
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