The Absolute Best Canned Pumpkin For Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin pie just might be the perfect fall dessert. A toasted, flaky crust containing a custard-like filling spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves would cap off any chilly day, or in the case of Thanksgiving dinner, a heavy meal. When gathering with family and friends, you might be tempted to make this autumn staple from scratch, filling included. Realistically though, you can whip up the iconic treat just fine using canned pumpkin. 

Referring to canned pumpkin as a nifty shortcut is moot since the majority of us probably use it to make the dessert every year. Yet opting for that pre-packaged orange goop in place of carving up an entire pumpkin isn't simply a matter of convenience. It actually works better for baking. According to Forbes, store-bought puree fares well for baked goods since the texture is denser and less liquid than any mash you'd be able to create at home. And with the amount of labor Turkey Day demands, having quick fixes on hand — such as pumpkin puree — can make all the difference.

Because all canned pumpkin is presented in the same manner, it's tempting to write them off as the same, too. But as you'll soon discover, it's worth knowing which purees are impressive enough to rival the real deal. Here are some of the absolute best canned pumpkin brands to use for pumpkin pie. 

365 by Whole Foods Pumpkin Puree

Should you be tasked with hosting Turkey Day this year, you'll want to save all the time you can preparing the season's biggest meal. But sometimes, things don't go according to plan, and you need a backup option to get your pumpkin pie on the table. Thankfully, supermarket shelves are bursting with choices, including plenty of off-brand alternatives. We can always get behind 365 by Whole Foods Market's pumpkin purée.

The 365 label, which is sold exclusively at Whole Foods, consists of budget-friendly necessities that won't break the bank. This much is true for the pumpkin puree, as the USDA-certified organic offering is only $1.79 a can. A single can of the stuff yields a whole pie, and if that wasn't enough, there's even a pie recipe printed on the label so you can immediately start baking. 

People enjoy this puree for a number of purposes from feeding their pets to using it as a soup thickener. And surprise surprise, it's also a fantastic base for pumpkin pie. Take it from one Amazon reviewer who put the puree to the test by baking the holiday staple. They wrote that the dessert had "great flavor," and described the consistency of the filling as "super silky." You'll want a can of this stocked in your pantry for Thanksgiving and beyond. 

Great Value 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin

The best canned pumpkin for pumpkin pie should feature the following elements: creaminess, a slight tang, and an irresistible orange hue that screams "fall is here, whether you like it or not." Unlike store-bought pie filling it's also unseasoned which makes it a blank canvas fit for mixing in warm and comforting spices. If brand loyalty doesn't matter to you or you'd like to save a few dollars on your grocery bill, give Great Value 100% pure canned pumpkin a chance. 

Great Value is Walmart's store line of generically-packaged goods sold at a cheaper price. The labels often appear remarkably similar to a better-known item it's copping the look from. And despite the clear nod to a certain pantry staple, some customers prefer Walmart's product to the brand-name version. Even better, it comes at around half the price. 

According to a review on Influenster, the pumpkin puree isn't thin or soupy describing it as "thick and rich straight out of the can." It won't leak into a giant puddle when you pour it into the pastry shell, and the texture isn't stringy or clumpy. In fact, it's the complete opposite and no additional tweaks have to be made to achieve a solid consistency. Affordable and dependable, Walmart's canned pumpkin is frankly a secret weapon every baker needs this holiday season.  

Trader Joe's Organic Pumpkin

At this point, strolling into Trader Joe's for the latest pumpkin goodies is an autumnal tradition up there with hay rides and apple picking. While we tend to scope out the quirkiest snacks during these shopping trips, it's also a great time to stock up on core baking ingredients. 

TJ's organic pumpkin is a canned essential we'd be mistaken not to stash in our cupboards. Each can is 15 ounces, so right off the bat, you have enough filling for an entire pie. It isn't simply the convenience that puts Trader Joe's canned pumpkin on top — it's the flavor. According to From My Bowl, the taste is surprisingly authentic considering that the puree wasn't mashed by hand in your kitchen. The fact that it's also certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture ensures no synthetic compounds disrupt the earthy sweet essence of the mixture. It's less orange in color, but once it leaves the oven a golden-brown shade, you'll barely be able to tell the difference. 

While less sweet than your typical can of pumpkin puree, Trader Joe's organic pumpkin lives up to the season's spirit of the harvest. And at under $2, it's a better deal than what other grocery retailers sell. Just grab some pie crusts from the frozen section and your Thanksgiving guests will be none the wiser. 

Happy Belly Organic 100% Pumpkin

Some of the best canned pumpkin for your Thanksgiving desserts isn't sold in physical supermarkets. As a matter of fact, you can shop for the seasonal staple online without even having to stand in a single checkout line. Happy Belly organic 100% pumpkin has a 4.7 rating out of almost 3,500 reviews on Amazon, and the high praise seems to speak for itself. 

Perhaps you've never seen Happy Belly products in the flesh, because the Amazon brand can only be purchased from the online retailer. Judging by the droves of happy customers, this puree tastes great, looks great, and incorporates nicely into pumpkin desserts of all kinds: cookies, muffins, and of course pie. "This was super high quality organic pumpkin," one enthusiastic reviewer raved, adding that it was "thick and rich tasting." 

Provided that you're already doing your gift shopping on Amazon, why not grab some baking necessities while you're at it? Admittedly, this canned pumpkin isn't exactly the cheapest choice available. As of September 2022, it costs $3.39 apiece, which is practically double what you'll pay for any ol' pumpkin puree on the store shelf. By contrast, the gas it takes to go on a grocery store run is probably a lot higher than adding a can to your cart. 

Baker's Corner 100% Pure Pumpkin

Shopping at Aldi has numerous perks. Between the retailer's low prices and unexpected culinary gems, there's so much to love about the German grocery giant. Baker's Corner is the supermarket chain's brand encompassing all things sweet, so naturally, it's where you'll find the obligatory pumpkin puree once autumn rounds the bend. And the best part? A can will cost you less than $1 (per Aldi Reviewer). 

Baker's Corner 100% pure pumpkin contains none of the preservatives of traditional puree, and as the label states, it's also fat and gluten-free. Aldi Reviewer primarily uses this canned pumpkin for bread loaves and confirmed their positive impression of the puree after whipping up an old-fashioned pumpkin pie. Not only was the recipe from the label "solid," but the dessert turned out so good that their mother-in-law claimed the taste beat an award-winning local bakery by a mile. 

If generic canned pumpkin could fool taste-testers into thinking they were eating a top-tier pie, then you'll have no worries opting for the store-bought kind when having company over for Thanksgiving dinner. Aldi hasn't done us wrong yet, so if you're in charge of bringing the dessert this holiday season you should definitely give it a shot. One thing to note ahead of time is its availability, as Reddit users have confirmed Aldi only carries the pumpkin puree on a seasonal basis. In other words, stock up on this canned pumpkin sooner rather than later for the holidays. 

One-Pie Canned Pumpkin Puree

New England is home to lush foliage and scenic snowfalls, but it's also where pumpkin pie became a hallowed holiday tradition. Per What's Cooking America, buttery pastry shells filled with a squash mixture entered the lexicon of colonial cooking beginning in the 17th century. The region is practically ripe with autumnal yearning, and up north there's a fall staple every household can't seem to live without: One-Pie pumpkin. 

Everything about One-Pie, Yankee Magazine writes, is totally nostalgic, from its charmingly old-fashioned label to the orangey mash inside. It's a firm guarantee that every Thanksgiving spread in Maine and Massachusetts will have dessert brought to you courtesy of this long-running brand. But tradition isn't the only reason why Americans flock to this canned pumpkin over the dozens competing for shelf space. It's simply that delicious, with a rich and hearty flavor, custardy texture, and a cloud-like mouthfeel. 

Although the product details suggest blending it into cookies and muffins, One-Pie predictably takes center stage as the puree of choice for pumpkin pie — after all, it is in the name. The only downside? It can be difficult to find, even for our neighbors on the East Coast as customers have confirmed (via Yankee Magazine). The holidays are a time of remembrance and rituals, and One-Pie Pumpkin delivers on the warm and fuzzies. While we're all for trying new products, sometimes it's best to stick to the classics.  

Farmer's Market Organic Pumpkin Puree

Out of all the pre-mashed pumpkin options we looked at, we can confidently say this organic pumpkin puree from Farmer's Market gives fresh pumpkin a run for its money. You're probably wondering how likely it is that canned pumpkin tastes like the real thing. Well, it absolutely does because this puree is completely organic and free of artificial preservatives. If baking pumpkin pie from scratch has always felt daunting, Farmer's Market basically lets you take all the credit. Its freshness is unparalleled, and dare we say, akin to the small-batch wares found at your local farmer's market. 

Take one happy customer who left a review on the brand's website, claiming it had the "purest taste available" due to its resemblance with sugar pumpkins. These are usually the variety of pumpkin bakers use when making pie from scratch (via Baking Bites). Mary from the Hail Mary Food of Grace blog was particularly pleased with the product's flavor, noting that it didn't overwhelm or leave behind any unpleasant traces on the palate. Store-bought pumpkin puree that tastes exactly like the gourd itself? Now that alone deserves a spot on our list — and your Thanksgiving table. 

Green Valley Organics Pumpkin

As our list shows, pumpkin puree has moved beyond the ultra-processed mush found in most cupboards during the holiday season. Take Green Valley Organics pumpkin. The autumn staple is given an organic makeover, all while maintaining the features that make it fit for a silky, sumptuous pie filling. The online consensus is also positive, and Amazon shows a solid 4.5-star average out of nearly 560 reviews. "Great flavor and organic!" one satisfied reviewer wrote, adding: "Made pumpkin pies for the holidays and they were gobbled up!"

Part of what makes the mash's consistency so unbelievably soft is that it's made from a type of gourd known as a Dickinson pumpkin. Home For The Harvest explains that this variety, which dominates farms across the Midwest, is far less fibrous and firmer than traditional field pumpkins normally reserved for Jack-O-Lantern carving. By reaching for purees made from Dickinson pumpkins, your pies will boast a moist center that's notable from the first slice. No wetness, and certainly no weird stringy bits will appear in your filling. 

At the time of writing, you can purchase a four-pack on Amazon for $18.99, so while it's not exactly a steal, it's well worth it for a lovingly-crafted dessert for the holidays. Use this in your pie, and we guarantee your guests will leave with full and satisfied stomachs across the board. 

Good & Gather 100% Pure Pumpkin

With the pressure we put on Thanksgiving to be perfect, we're likely to encounter an obstacle or two in getting the full spread on the table. For example, baking a last-minute pie and finding all the shelves empty of our favorite canned pumpkin. Bummer. Predictably, we find ourselves at Target because let's face it, it's the one place where we assume we can find everything (well, almost everything). Indeed, Target sells a puree produced by the store's Good & Gather line that does the job.

The 100% pure pumpkin essentially does all the work for you to make your pie filling silky and smooth. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and as Target's website states, it's free of problematic foods the Food & Drug Administration notes cause allergies, such as milk, shellfish, and tree nuts, among others. Not to mention, it's also kosher-friendly. If you're hosting guests with a wide plethora of dietary needs, this puree should satisfy most palates. 

We like this canned pumpkin because it's cheap and contains the ideal amount for making an entire pie. A 15-ounce can currently costs around $1 on Target's website, which really can't be beaten considering the dessert itself is quite frugal to make. 

Thrive Market Organic Pumpkin

"Perfect pumpkin for pie!" Those enthusiastic words were uttered in response to Thrive Market's organic pumpkin, and the hype doesn't stop there. It has a near-perfect score of 4.8 out of 5 stars from around 6,000 reviews on the company's website, and it ticks the boxes for health-minded consumers and bakers alike. For one, it's delicious, and it's also made from ethically-sourced pumpkins grown in the United States. 

One feature that puts Thrive Market's product above the rest, according to customers, is the convenient packaging. Unlike most canned purees that have to be cranked open with a can opener, this one comes with an easy-to-open pull tab instead. Opening cans can be a struggle, not to mention dangerous if you accidentally cut yourself in the process, so this gives it an edge compared to other canned pumpkin varieties out there. Assembling a pie is enough work as it is, so we'll take anything that makes the job easier. 

Choosing between good taste and good health is a dilemma that pops up during holiday baking, but Thrive Market shows you don't have to sacrifice flavor or nutrition with its pumpkin puree. While the topic here is pie, we're glad to report that customers have experienced great success using it in a variety of fall recipes, including sweet treats and savory dishes such as pasta and soups. Just as long as you have a Thrive Market membership, you'll be baking with this puree all season long. 

Libby's 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin

You didn't think we'd seriously leave this product out, did you? No pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and beyond is better served than with a trusty can of Libby's, the canned pumpkin of choice with its signature yellow label bearing a tried-and-true pie recipe (per Mother Earth Gardener). It seems every holiday gathering has been touched by its convenience in some form or another. Your parents and grandparents probably used it, and the cycle repeats throughout the generations. It isn't just lumpy orange mush — it's straight-up autumn in a can. 

Why Libby's is a great choice for pumpkin pie is evidenced by its history, but it also has to do with its accessibility on the market. Cook's Info writes that the brand represents a whopping 90% of all canned pumpkin produced, so you won't have a hard time tracking it down in supermarkets (unless it sells out). The puree gets its irresistible creaminess from Dickinson pumpkins (per Very Best Baking), which are grown and then canned in Illinois (via Libby's). 

As Target reviewers can enthusiastically confirm, Libby's pumpkin welcomes everybody to share in the tradition. "Easy to use," one person wrote, while another individual praised the puree's "bright color and flavor" often viewed as forming the canonical pumpkin pie filling. Yet another raved they "Used [it] in a pumpkin pie and it was creamy, smooth, and yummy!" The beauty of Libby's is its consistency, and a can in the cupboard will never do you wrong.