Reddit Is Roasting Costco's Latest Nitro Cold Brew

There are 116.6 million cardholders spanning 837 store locations globally, per Costco's website, making the Warehouse grocer one of the world's leading supermarkets. The massive retailer is celebrated for its wide range of affordable products. Whether it's bulk toiletries or Kirkland liquor, Costco has you covered. In addition to the products they offer on their shelves, Costco's food court is one of its main attractions serving hot dogs, pizza, churros, and more (per Fast Food Menu Prices).

A common hub on the internet for Costco discourse is the subreddit r/costco. Like most Reddit forums, r/costco is equal parts positive, pragmatic, and critical. Recently, one unhappy Costco shopper took to the forum to post a picture of one of the nitro cold brew cans from RISE brewing company, with the caption "Picked up a flat of 'Rise' nitro cold brew coffee on clearance for $9.97. I would consider it caffeinated creamer before I would consider it cold brew coffee. Do not recommend."

Some Reddit users like Rise nitro cold brew

A tried and true pick-me-up for long work days and all-night study sessions, cold brew is the V8 engine of coffee. Made simply by steeping coarse-ground coffee beans in room-temperature water for 10 to 20 hours (per Food Network), cold brew can be heightened further by the infusion of nitrogen which gives it a sweet, thick flavor without sugar and cream.

According to the National Library of Medicine, 154 million adults in the United States drink coffee on a daily basis, which means supermarkets like Costco need to have as much of it in stock as possible. And according to the Reddit thread, "Rise" nitro cold brew may or may not be your best bet for the caffeinated beverage at Costco.

Some Redditors agreed with the OP that the product was not good, adding comments like "That's the worst flavor for sure. I only had 1 sip before pouring the rest down the drain." However, some users came to the cold brew's defense. One person stated "those are my go-to. Pretty strong though, I chill and add frothed dairy." Another user offered the original poster a resourceful solution to his issue saying "Maybe pour some in your coffee? Might be cheaper than buying oat milk creamer." 

So next time you're perusing Costco in search of a nitro cold brew, keep in mind that everyone's preferences are unique and you'll never know if you like something unless you try it yourself.