Allison Lindsey

Los Angeles, CA
St. Edward's University, Los Angeles City College
Culture, Community, Food History
  • Inspired by what brings us together, Allison is a culture writer with work spanning publications like NEST HQ, C-Heads Magazine, and Mashed.
  • She has five years of expert experience as an entertainment publicist with media placements in publications like Rolling Stone, TIME, Billboard, Flaunt, Paper, 1883, SPIN, and more.
  • Dedicated to the art of human connection, Allison has interviewed the great minds of Sasha Speilberg, Lucky Daye, Duckwrth, Tom Odell, Elohim, and many more.


Allison is a tenured writer and communications professional with a focus in journalism, public relations, and advocacy. She is currently pursuing a degree in sociology to better understand what makes humans tick. When she's not transcribing interviews, editing stories, or dancing around her sunny Hollywood apartment, she's exploring LA's robust food culture through a multi-cultural lens of the past, present, and future.


Allison is currently working on an Associate's Degree in Social & Behavioral Science from Los Angeles City College. She plans to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a degree in Sociology.
Stories By Allison Lindsey