Reddit Can't Believe How Good Costco's Lumpia Is

It's no secret that Costco has it all. With an annual revenue of nearly $196 billion thanks to its 116.6 million cardholders worldwide, the membership-only supermarket is the sixth largest retailer in the world and the third-biggest in the U.S trailing only behind Walmart and Amazon (per Zippia). From gym equipment to engagement rings and toiletries, Costco is known to keep everything under the sun on its shelves — always for a competitively low price.

The juggernaut supermarket is so popular, that some of its items have developed a cult following. Kirkland's liquor, the $1.50 hot dog, and of course, their signature food court pizza are among the many products that have gained praise over the years. And according to one Reddit thread, it looks like a new product might be joining the list of obsession-worthy Costco items.

Recently in R/Costco, a subreddit dedicated to exalting and dissecting the retail giant, one user took to the forum to share a photo of Costco's lumpia — an Asian appetizer likened to a fried egg roll. The elated shopper included the caption "Costco Lumpia and Shrimp Tempura. Yum!!" and other Costco fanatics were quick to agree.

Lumpia is a staple in Filipino food culture

A deliciously simple and versatile snack, lumpia is a Filipino finger food that evolved from Chinese spring rolls. Made from a rice or flour dough stuffed with meat and vegetables, lumpia is then sealed with egg wash and fried to create a crispy, savory snack often served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce (per Taste Atlas). Costco's lumpia is rumored to be one of the finest frozen foods on their shelves.

Some lumpia admirers on the Reddit thread started an informal fan group of the food with the hashtag #lumpiagang. But it appears that not all Costco's are stocking this Filipino delicacy as much of the yearning discourse was guided by longing and envy. One shopper commented, "Lumpia at Costco?!?!?!?! Where is this???? God I'm so jealous" while another wrote "I want lumpia. I have to drive a couple of hours to a Filipino restaurant." The original poster clarified their location by letting the thread know they got their lumpia at a Costco in Northern California.

While getting your hands on Costco's lumpia might be like finding a needle in a haystack, there are plenty of recipes, like this vegetable lumpia, to cook and enjoy in the comforts of your own home.