TikTok Is Horrified By What A Subway Customer Allegedly Found In Her Sandwich

Unfortunately, over time, customers have found some pretty gross things in their fast food orders. There was the New York man who said he found a bloody bandage on his pizza from Pizza Hut (via Times Union) and the McDonald's customer from Tennessee who claimed to find a nail in his biscuit (per The Tennessean).

Sandwich giant Subway has also been subject to food mishaps, such as when, according to Kiss FM 102.5, a woman said she found a tooth in the bread of her sub, or in 2015, when an Oregon man found a dead mouse in his Italian sandwich amongst the spinach (via ABC). Following the latter incident, Subway issued a statement reading in part, "as soon as the customer alerted the owner what happened, they were immediately given a full refund and an investigation was launched." This investigation involved throwing away the restaurant's remaining food and working with the health department, according to ABC.

Recently, however, a Subway customer posted a video on TikTok alleging that she found a super gross item on her sandwich wrapper.

TikToker says she found a nauseating surprise inside her Subway wrapper

A TikTok user from Lansing, Michigan took to the social media platform recently to claim they found something disgusting smeared on their Subway sandwich wrapper: feces (via WCRZ). The user said she went to a Subway restaurant where she had a "kinda weird interaction" and then headed to her car, where she smelled feces. Upon arriving home, she said she took a bite of the sandwich and smelled the feces again. "I look in the paper and in between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal [expletive]. There's feces," the user said in the video. She said she is embarrassed about the situation, but resorted to social media to gain Subway's attention. 

In a follow-up video, the user said both the police and health department have gotten involved, but no solutions have been found. "My biggest thing is the corporation ... I don't understand how they couldn't address it, like reach out to me ... I've heard absolutely nothing from anybody," the user said. Other people in the comments not only expressed how gross they found the situation, but concern for the user's health. "Please go get a checkup or have tests done. Just in case," one person wrote, while another advised that she keep track of her physical symptoms, if any, each day. As of the original video's posting, the user said she had not heard from Subway.