Molly Clark

Western Connecticut State University, University Of Connecticut
Ice Cream, Clam Chowder, Restaurant Reviews
  • Molly holds an M.F.A. in Creative and Professional Writing with a concentration in food and travel journalism.
  • She has written and is currently seeking publication for a travel guide to Rhode Island with a focus on ice cream destinations.
  • Molly's niche focuses on food and travel journalism regional to New England and she has written for publications such as Rhode Island Monthly, Connecticut Magazine, Yankee Magazine, and the publications of AAA Northeast.


Molly has been writing since the age of ten when she became the founding editor of "The Clark Gazette," her family newspaper. Since then, she has expanded her writing prowess to include genres such as food and travel journalism, fiction, poetry, and children's writing. Throughout her career, she has traveled for work, often writing restaurant reviews. Molly also has a background in restaurant hospitality, working her way up from dive diners to fine dining establishments. When she is not writing, you can find Molly spending time with her fur baby and in pursuit of the perfect pizza. Molly lives in southeastern New England and says she could never find home far from the ocean or a good lobster roll.


Molly holds an M.F.A in Creative and Professional Writing with a focus in food and travel journalism. To earn this degree, she studied food and travel writing theory and learned to apply these principles to her own writing.
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