Aldi's Fall Flavored Butters Have Shoppers Freaking Out

Butter makes everything taste better, doesn't it? Bread and butter without the butter is, after all, just a dry slab of bread. Sure, there's always margarine, but as British chef James Martin told The Herald, that's "dreadful, dreadful stuff" that "should be banned." While Martin's take on margarine may seem harsh, there's no denying that for most diners, butter has the superior taste.

Despite margarine's many failed attempts to dethrone the cow's milk king, America's love affair with butter appears to be growing stronger with time. According to Statista, the nation's per capita consumption has grown fairly steadily in recent decades, rising from 4.5 pounds in 2001 to a hefty 6.3 in 2020. If you think that's a lot of butter, further stats reveal that New Zealand is the world's largest consumer of butter, with its citizens eating an average of over 14 pounds of the stuff every year. Clearly, there is something about this dairy spread that appeals to the human palate, but that doesn't stop people from adding other flavors to it as well. 

Whether you prefer to dip lobster meat in melted garlic butter, toss pasta with lemony herb butter, or spread brown sugary cinnamon butter onto toast, the ingredient seems to compliment all dishes, from savory to sweet and everything in between. This butter-goes-with-everything mindset may explain the fervor over two new flavored butter spreads that recently hit the shelves at Aldi

These Land O'Lakes butters have favorable reviews

What butter releases at Aldi have Instagram users eagerly anticipating their next shopping trip? Meet Land O' Lakes' two new butter spreads, one that incorporates the taste of honey and another that boasts the label "pumpkin pie spice." When @adventuresinaldi posted a picture of the products to their Instagram account, comments included, "Got both of them today," "I need both," and "You know I need to go to Aldi now." One was less enthusiastic, however, stating that they had tried the honey variety and found "it had a strange chemical taste." 

What does the manufacturer have to say about its latest spreads? Land O'Lakes says the honey edition boasts "the perfect hint of sweetness for everything from melting into your morning oatmeal to tossing into steamed veggies," while the pumpkin pie spice offering can be spread onto breakfast and dessert dishes or stirred into other autumnal condiments. Before you make a beeline to the store to slather a warm biscuit in one of these butters, you might want to check out some product reviews. Influenster reveals that after 140 reviews, the honey flavor stands at 4.7 stars, while 41 reviews have earned the pumpkin variety the same overall rating.