Kimberley Laws

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Ottawa, Ontario
University Of Ottawa
Cooking, TV, Books
  • Kimberley loves cookbooks, rarely makes the same recipe twice, and loves trying out new kitchen gadgets. Armed with a bevy of food magazine subscriptions, a food-centric Pinterest account, and a wealth of Gordon Ramsay trivia, she is perfectly equipped to put her serious writing chops to good use at Mashed.
  • Kimberley has been a freelance content writer for more than 12 years, and her work has been featured in dozens of websites.
  • She has a novel in the works.


An accomplished freelance writer, Kimberley's works can be found at Screen Rant, BookBub, Luxy Hair, Just Luxe, Listverse, All Women's Talk, and more. She has also penned research articles for Prairie Forum and served as an Editorial Board Member for Sun Media.


Kimberley graduated from the University of Ottawa with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Education. She also has a University Certificate in Career Counseling from Athabasca University.
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