Mtn Dew's New Energy Drink Will Have Fans Seeing Red — Literally

There are many options besides coffee if you need a bit of caffeine for an energy boost. For example, yerba mate packs a major kick of caffeine, and it's full of vitamins and antioxidants. You can even eat your caffeine in bagel form (via New York Post). Of course, there are always cans of soda and energy drinks available at convenience stores that are usually fairly accessible. Mtn Dew's latest offering combines energy drinks and sodas into one sip.

According to Brand Eating, Mtn Dew is now selling Mtn Dew Energy Code Red in select retailers across the country, and this drink is a twist on the company's Code Red-flavored soda. PepsiCo also notes that this is a limited-time offering, but there isn't an exact end date listed for when this cherry-flavored energy drink will leave stores.

If this sounds like familiar news, you're not wrong. This Mtn Dew Energy Code Red was leaked on Reddit earlier in May 2022, according to Mountain Dew Wiki, with a predicted launch date in September 2022.

Fans are excited for the energized version of Mtn Dew Code Red

Based on Mtn Dew's Instagram, people are looking forward to this new energy drink. In the caption, the company asked fans to create their own caption for the photo, and Instagram users readily engaged with it. Many people talked about how they enjoyed the drink in their unique captions. For example, one person wrote "My favorite drink ever," while another fan dubbed it "The Red Road Never Looked So Good."

Per Brand Eating, Mtn Dew Energy Code Red will taste similar to the original Mtn Dew Code Red, a flavor people seem to rave about online. On the subreddit r/mountaindew, one poster said that "You know what code red is better then the original and I'm no longer gonna act like it isn't" (via Reddit). Although some defended the original flavor, plenty agreed that Code Red is tastier. One person wrote, "Code red is probably my favorite dew," and someone else recommended a DIY concoction, saying, "If you're ever getting a fountain drink from a gas station I recommend getting 1/3 Code Red and 2/3 Sprite."

Since people already seem to love Mtn Dew Code Red, the energy drink version could quickly get popular, especially with that extra boost of caffeine. Wondering what other Mtn Dew flavors are out there? Here's our verdict on every flavor of Mtn Dew, ranked worst to best.