Taco Bell Employee Ignites A Fire On Reddit After Calling Mexican Pizza Overrated

Scores of Taco Bell fans were devastated when the chain got rid of its Mexican Pizza to streamline the menu during the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. People created petitions, wrote angry emails, and constantly communicated their disappointment with this monumental loss on Taco Bell's social media posts. And finally, all of that action brought about change.

In August 2022, Taco Bell customers received the best news about the Mexican pizza: The classic menu item that had been missing would be making its triumphant return permanently. The internet went nuts. People threw parties. Okay, maybe not, but we should have. A warm welcome or a full-blown wild and crazy celebration is what the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza deserves.

So it may come as a shock to learn that not everyone is over the moon about the Mexican Pizza's revival apparently. One Taco Bell employee took to Reddit to call this iconic menu item "overrated" and a general nuisance to make. But don't worry, Mexican Pizza lovers — such statements were not taken lightly and did not go unchallenged.

Reddit unites against a Mexican Pizza critic

After one employee provoked the Taco Bell subreddit by writing, "Y'all wild thinking the Mexican Pizza is bomb; most mid thing on the menu," nearly 200 people rushed to defend its honor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Redditors were overwhelmingly in agreement that the Mexican Pizza is, in fact, "bomb."

One Reddit user politely asked, "So what's top tier to you? Gonna need to hear that." Others shared their thoughts as to the most popular Taco Bell items; however, the original poster never responded. This led another commenter to claim, "Yeah, no OP comment; they just don't wanna make the magnificent Mexican Pizza."

Others expressed their immense amount of love for the Mexican Pizza, calling it their favorite menu item, while also being honest that it is a tad bit overpriced and sometimes made a little wonky. Another remarked, "There's something about the flavor combo and tortilla concoction that hits so different. Like, of course, it's not gourmet or top tier, whatever that means, but ... nothing is quite like it." We could not have said it any better. Who is going to Taco Bell expecting gourmet Mexican food anyway?