Taco Bell Customers Just Received The Best News About The Mexican Pizza

Without a doubt, Taco Bell's Mexican pizza was the most beloved item on the menu. Two tostada shells, sandwiched together with refried beans and seasoned meat, topped with sauce, cheese, and tomato chunks...yum (per Taco Bell).

Unfortunately, Taco Bell decided back in 2020 to drop the Mexican pizza from the menu amid the pandemic panic (via CNN). Although this move was supposed to streamline the menu, many Taco Bell fans never got over their heartbreak.

In fact, one fan loved the Mexican pizza so much that he created a Change petition to bring it back to the menu. The petition ended up getting more than 171,000 signatures. Fortunately for the fans, the Mexican pizza returned earlier this year, except by the time most people got to the drive-thru, Taco Bell's long-awaited Mexican pizza was already out of stock. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

Despite all the highs and lows since the Mexican pizza left the Taco Bell menu, our happily ever after is in sight. Yes, that's right, Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican pizza permanently (via Taco Bell).

The Mexican pizza is returning to the Taco Bell menu for good

If you've been wondering why Taco Bell got rid of its Mexican pizza in 2020, you can finally turn your frown upside down. The fan-favorite Mexican pizza is returning for good, starting mid-September 2022, as per Fortune. Taco Bell's CEO, Mark King, attributed the Mexican pizza's return to devoted fans. "I had more feedback—hate mail!—over the removal of Mexican pizza [than any other time]," he said.

When the Mexican pizza appeared earlier this year, it was only meant to stick around for six months, but sales were so high that it sold out in under two months. Per the NY Post, one person ordered a whopping 180 Mexican pizzas in one go. Even though fans have spent literal years begging for the Mexican pizza's return, Taco Bell executives were still stunned by the fan response (Fortune). As for us, the fans, we're not at all surprised. We're just hungry and ready to order a Mexican pizza again.