How To Score A Free Mexican Pizza From Taco Bell

Taco Bell's Mexican pizza became one of the restaurant chain's most well-known menu items over its lifespan. When it temporarily disappeared from locations, its absence inspired a clamor. More than 170,000 people signed a petition to "save the Mexican Pizza" after Taco Bell revealed it would discontinue the item in 2020. Speaking with Fortune, Taco Bell CEO Mark King said taking the Mexican pizza off the menu sparked more customer correspondence than any other decision the restaurant has made, according to Today. Whatever Taco Bell's reasons were for getting rid of its Mexican pizza, fans just wanted it back, and the restaurant ultimately acquiesced.

Taco Bell even responded to the petition in April, thanking those who signed it and declaring, "Wow. You did it. All 171,735 of you. You saved Mexican Pizza." Customers might have thought they received the best news about the Mexican pizza when they learned its return was permanent. They didn't know then what even more news was coming, however. Now, Taco Bell is giving fans of the entrée a way to score one for free. ... sort of

A 'free' Mexican pizza requires a $20 purchase

Taco Bell shared the details of a current promotion for Mexican pizza fans on Twitter on September 16. All fans need is a smartphone and one of two platforms that landed on Digital Trends' list of the best food delivery service apps for 2022.

The Twitter post states that through September 21, people who order from Taco Bell using either Postmates or Uber Eats can get at a free Mexican pizza added to their orders when they spend at least $20. Fees, taxes, or tips don't count toward the total. While the Taco Bell website mentions that DoorDash and Grubhub users can get delivery orders from Taco Bell as well, this promotion is only good for Postmates and Uber Eats deliveries at participating restaurants.

For those who take advantage of this offer, Taco Bell has numerous ways to customize the Mexican pizza by. For example, fans who don't like meat can remove the seasoned ground beef. Those who want to skip the dairy can remove the cheese. While fans could just order several different customized Mexican pizzas to get to that $20 minimum and score the free one, they can diversify their order, too. The Taco Bell menu includes foods that are actually pretty healthy.