Gordon Ramsay's Touching Farewell Message For The Queen's Funeral

https://www.express.co.uk/news...If there is one thing Gordon Ramsay has — besides an array of successful restaurants, a handful of hit TV shows, and some serious skills in the kitchen — it's a way with words. The silver-tongued chef offers prolific feedback to anyone hardy enough to rise through the ranks of his kitchens (televised or otherwise) and always has a word to throw to his many fans, followers, and food-forward friends. As he said to Thrillist earlier this year, "I'm fit as a fiddle ... Do not underestimate the power of an old man." And of "Hell's Kitchen," one of Ramsay's more popular shows, which is now entering Season 21, he said, "I can go for another 30 seasons. Trust me." Strong words from a strong character.

So what is it, exactly, that makes a man with that kind of stamina, determination, and good old-fashioned grit feel weepy? His family – chef Christina Wilson told Mashed what Ramsay is really like and that he turns into a "puddle" around his kids. And the chef was moved to tears by a slaughterhouse, though that side of Ramsay is not as widely broadcast. But if there's one thing this true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool Brit is going to get publicly and eloquently emotional about, it's the death of Queen Elizabeth II, British sovereign and monarch over not one, but two of Ramsay's beloved homes: Scotland and England (via Britannica). For the queen's funeral, Ramsay wasn't at a loss for words to mark the occasion.

A softer side of Ramsay's tweets

On Ramsay's Twitter account on 19 September, the day of the queen's funeral, the chef used his way with words to pay tribute to the woman he calls "an inspiration." Queen Elizabeth II was the ruler of the United Kingdom for all of Ramsay's life, and he calls both Scotland (where he was born) and England (where he moved as a boy) home, according to Hello magazine. "Today we join the world as we mourn and commemorate Her Majesty The Queen. The very definition of an inspiration, who touched the lives of us all. Rest in peace, your Majesty, your legacy and love will live on in our hearts forever," the chef wrote on Twitter, signing off as simply "Gordon."

Followers responded with things like, "Well said," and, "Long live the queen," showing their support for Ramsay and his touching farewell message. Twitter was abuzz with messages about the queen and her funeral from all corners of the globe on 19 September, with news outlets covering every angle of the event, from the guest list (via The New York Times) to an errant piece of paper that caught the Internet's attention, according to USA Today. As Vulture pointed out just a few days after the queen's death, there were many different reactions on the internet following the end of the Elizabethan era. Maybe everyone would do well to take a page out of Gordon Ramsay's online playbook.