How You Can Become The NFL's Next 'Cocktail Coordinator'

The NFL football season is now in full swing and if there is anything better than watching or attending a game, it's experiencing a tailgate with friends and family. Whether it's a party at home or under pop-up tents in a stadium parking lot, tailgating brings together a smorgasbord of the most delectable food and beverages.

From grilled burgers and brats to barbecue chicken and pork, a tailgating menu can be whatever you curate to satisfy your target audience, with plenty of dips, sides, and finger foods to accompany the main courses. In an interview with Mashed, tailgating expert Eddie Jackson suggests cooking up a variety of options and sticking to easy portable items, like sliders.

When it comes to dispensing the drinks, sodas and juices can satisfy the kiddos, but some adults will want a beer or cocktail to pair with their game-day fare. And if you're an amateur mixologist dreaming up the next great tailgate tipple, you might want to check out a new contest from Smirnoff vodka that offers the chance to become the NFL's next "Cocktail Coordinator."

Game planning a winning cocktail

Maybe you're more of an armchair quarterback than an athlete, and your offensive and defensive coaching skills leave something to be desired. The good news is that any average Joe or Jane can be "hired" as Smirnoff's Cocktail Coordinator. As the official vodka sponsor of the NFL, Smirnoff has launched a contest asking football fans to send in 30 to 60 second video clips of themselves concocting their best cocktail recipe using Smirnoff vodka, while also showcasing how they rock the home tailgate experience (per Smirnoff).

Whether you can whip up a white Russian that would make "The Dude" proud or craft a "cosmo" that's out of this world, this could be your shot to attend the mecca of sporting events: the Super Bowl. A handful of finalists will be selected from among the entries for an "interview," and one person will be chosen as Smirnoff's inaugural Cocktail Coordinator.

According to FoodSided, the Cocktail Coordinator is not an actual position with Smirnoff, so please don't quit your day job. Nevertheless, the person who receives this coveted honorary title does get to board a private jet with their chosen crew for an all-expenses paid trip to Super Bowl LVII as Smirnoff's guest of honor (via Cision). Now that's a championship-caliber tailgate.