The Truth About Maisam From Great British Bake Off Season 13

It's time for Season 13 of television's long-running hit, "The Great British Bake Off." Despite the devastating news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the season premiere went ahead as planned on September 13 (via The Independent). While many British channels paused their regular programming to focus on Her Royal Highness's funeral, Channel 4 decided to air most of its regular programming "to offer viewers an alternative and that is particularly important at times like this." That means fans won't need to wait until the end of the U.K.'s traditional national mourning period, which King Charles III has asked to be extended past the traditional 12-day period until September 26, seven days after the queen's funeral, according to the official website of the British Royal Family.

As many find watching "The Great British Bake Off" — or "The Great British Baking Show," as the show goes by a different name in North America — to be a comforting and emotionally nourishing ritual, it may have been an apt choice on the part of Channel 4 to air the wholesome program during the country's hour of need. And for those viewing the program in the U.S., the first episode was available without further delay on Friday, September 16, on Netflix, with new episodes available every Friday. One Season 13 contestant viewers are slowly getting to know is Maisam Algirgeet.

Who is Maisam Algirgeet?

18-year-old Maisam Algirgeet is the youngest contestant in what Evoke is calling GBBO's "most diverse group yet." Originally from Libya, Algirgeet came to the U.K. at nine years old. Today, she's an interior design student at The Manchester Metropolitan University, where she plans to graduate in 2024 (via LinkedIn). Algirgeet also works as a sales assistant, and though she already speaks English, Arabic, Amazigh, Spanish, and Turkish, she wants to learn two more languages in the next two years. 

In terms of creative pursuits, Algirgeet enjoys photography and travel, which is clear from the shots of various cities' nature and architecture on her Instagram page. Of course, this all takes place when she's not baking. Fascinated by a scientific approach to bakes, Maisam often finds herself redoing a recipe until she gets the chemistry just right. She and her fans can only hope that this dedication doesn't cost her too much time while she's in the tent. In an Instagram post, she thanked viewers for "the amazing support & love" she received after the premiere. "3 year old Maisam is dreaming," she said about getting a spot in the series.