Gillian King

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Boston, MA
Kenyon College, UCLA, Harvard University Extension
Vegetarian And Vegan, Kitchen Hacks, Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Zero Waste
  • Like most people who study film, Gillian ended up working in food service. Working in trend-focused scratch kitchens, Gillian learned insider tricks such as how to turn cuttings into flavorful broth, build craft cocktails from the ground up, and multiple ways to make pink frosting without resorting to Red 40.
  • Gillian began writing about food in 2016 when she worked with a nutritionist to share healthy and accessible kid-friendly snack and meal ideas at a national childcare brand struggling to curb a flood of Oreos and pretzels hitting the lunch table at their childcare centers.
  • After developing pervasive adult food allergies, Gillian was forced to go from eating out every night to cooking completely from scratch every night. The difficulty of finding recipes that completely excluded her allergies led her to develop her own recipes. She published her first original recipe in 2018.


Gillian King is an author and recipe creator from Boston, Massachusetts. She has studied journalism, creative writing, and writing for film, including at Kenyon College, UCLA, and Harvard University, Extension. Gillian published her first piece of fiction in 2017 and her first recipe in 2018. Her work has appeared in publications throughout New England. When not writing, she can be found hiking & foraging, cooking, or scrutinizing the backs of food labels for her 30+ food allergies. She lives in Greater Boston with a medium sized mutt, an obese Maine coon, and a larger-than-life household.


After studying screenwriting at Kenyon College, Gillian went on to study writing at Sarah Lawrence College and UCLA, as well as sloughing away at a graduate journalism program with coursework focus in food writing at Harvard University Extension.
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