The Shocking Amount Of Cash One Woman Found In Her KFC Order

Over the years, people have reportedly found some of the grossest things in their fast food orders. Diners have claimed to have encountered a chicken head in their McDonald's Happy Meal, a Cracker Barrel BLT covered in blood, a Subway sandwich containing a serrated knife, and a needle embedded in a Triple Stacker at Burger King (via Eat This, Not That). Frighteningly, it seems that human flesh, errant rodents, skin-piercing objects, and the occasional prophylactic have been known to make their way into the odd restaurant meal. But what if you found something much more appealing in your order like a sizeable helping of cash?

It really does happen. In 2016, a Virginia man found a $20 bill folded between the patties of his McDonald's burger. Complex reports that customers at the adjacent table quickly checked their meals for stray money, but found none. A Tennessee couple was given a bag containing thousands of dollars instead of their McDonald's breakfast order in 2014. Huff Post explains that they accidentally received the eatery's bank deposit and returned the cash upon this discovery. When a group of Taco Bell customers was erroneously given $3600 in place of tacos, the group returned the money. MLive reports that "the store manager literally just burst into tears," when they gave it back as it was the day's takings. 

Well, it turns out that it's happened again. Someone has come away from KFC with more than just a chicken sandwich. 

A Georgia woman found over $500 in her KFC meal

On September 14, 2022, Joann Oliver went through a KFC drive-thru and headed back to her workplace to have her lunch. Fox Business reports that when she took her sandwich out, she discovered $543 underneath it. After counting the cash, she quickly phoned the police, showing that there are clearly good people out there who do the right thing. What makes this "right thing" all the more poignant is the fact that Oliver's family has racked up roughly $2 million in medical charges due to her husband's strokes and battle with cancer (via WSB-TV). It turns out that the money was the day's deposit and had accidentally made its way into Oliver's takeout bag. 

On its Facebook page, the City of Jackson Police Department of Georgia said that Oliver had saved the KFC Manager's job and served as an example that "character and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!" Commenters agreed, saying the world would be a better place with more Mrs. Olivers in it. Some called for a reward for her honesty and it turns out that KFC has made a $5430 donation to a GoFundMe page set up to cover the family's medical bills. 

The next time you go out for a bite of fast food, make sure you give your meal a thorough inspection. Maybe you, too, will find an unexpected windfall.