The Real Reason Schlotzsky's Just Paired Up With OnlyFans

Schlotzsky's has recently taken to advertising on OnlyFans. At first glance, the idea may seem daring and unconventional, but considering the company's lighthearted approach to its identity (as expressed in one of its slogans, "Funny name. Serious sandwich"), it's pretty normal behavior for the brand.

Schlotzsky's has always had a slightly eccentric edge. According to the chain's blog, its memorable name has no particular significance. It bears no link to the founding owners (the Dissmans), nor "a Polish plumbing supply business," as suggested by an anonymous Nevadan (via Reference for Business). Another quirk was when the now 343-strong franchise started in Austin in 1971 and offered just one product: a single sandwich. Yes, a triple-meat, cheese, lettuce, olive, and tomato sandwich, but a sole sandwich nonetheless, per The Austin Chronicle. Why? We'll have to settle for the explanation, "Just one sandwich, it's that good," which was the chain's slogan back then. As for why Schlotzsky's has decided to advertise on OnlyFans, the chain has some cheeky reasoning for that as well.

Schlotsky's goes Bare Naked on OnlyFans

October is National Pizza Month in the United States, and Schlotzsky's just devised a unique way to honor it. We've all heard the saying, "Less is more." Apparently Schlotzsky's has too, and the chain has found a way to apply the principle to its pizza. According to a press release, the fast-casual eatery is stripping its pizza of its coverings — no sauce, no cheese, nada — and exhibiting the "undressing" process in video content on OnlyFans, a sphere where less (clothing) is more. Crafty, Schlotzsky's, how very crafty.

The resulting project, the "Bare Naked Pizza," is a $4.99 sourdough pie special with just garlic and butter, available at all Schlotzsky's outlets from October 1-31 for National Pizza Month. 

"We're so confident in our delicious doughs that we're willing to serve them bare-naked," Schlotzsky's chef Jennifer Keil explains the campaign, which unites Schlotzsky's with other food chains that have pushed products on OnlyFans, like White Castle and Carl's Jr. The wording around the promotion is nothing if not provocative: "We're a space for people who like to eat pizza naked — err, we mean, eat naked pizza," says the OnlyFans intro.