The Aldi Butter Instagram Has Always Wanted To Try

Food has made possible the creation of many online communities. Social media is full of food pages that go beyond recommendations but include recipes for gluten-intolerant foodies, coffee addicts, and grocery store enthusiasts. There's the Trader Joe's gang, the Whole Foods team, and the Aldi regulars. That last group is definitely part of the 75.6K followers behind the Instagram page @AdventuresInAldi, which highlights the latest products and deals at the grocery chain.

Aldi, a grocery store in several U.S. cities, is widely known for its low prices, decent product quality, and its limited-time specialty items. The Aldi fan Instagram page is known for sharing some of the store's latest deals and best products that people might not know of. In a recent Instagram post, @AdventuresInAldi discovered an alternative to butter that it's always wanted to try. Many have claimed it could be a healthier alternative to butter, and it opens the door to many Indian recipes. Say hello to Aldi's ghee!

Aldi is selling ghee, a version of clarified butter

In the Instagram post, @AdventuresInAldi wrote, "The fact that Aldi has it makes me so happy!! If you haven't tried this yet, be sure to do so asap!" The ghee is available in Aldi stores for just $7.99. But what exactly is ghee that makes the Aldi faithful so excited? Ghee is a type of clarified butter that comes from heating butter at high temperatures, so the liquid and milk portions are separated. The result is a solid part and an oily part that's actually the ghee (via Healthline). Although both clarified butter and ghee are used interchangeably, ghee tastes nuttier, smells kind of sweet, and has a higher smoke point.

Several Instagram followers expressed their enthusiasm for the clarified butter. For instance, one user commented, "I've always wanted to try ghee!" Responding to another comment about what makes ghee so special, another user shared what is so amazing about ghee. They wrote, "It has less milk fat so it's more oily, so if you're frying it's not going to burn." Ghee could also be a healthier alternative to butter as well. As Medical News Today explains, butter and ghee both come from cow's milk, meaning their fat content is similar, but due to the preparation process, ghee is better for lactose intolerant people.

You can substitute vegetable oils for ghee, use it for an authentic Indian recipe, or as Healthline suggests, pour it over popcorn, veggies, and more.