The Best Recipes To Try When You're Craving Indian Food

When it comes to Indian food, there's a lot of talk about authenticity. The cooking methods are sophisticated, and people all over the globe have fallen in love with the flavors that come from the continent and the Indian diaspora.

Unfortunately, not all of us live close to a top-notch Indian restaurant. And even for those of us who do, it's not always in the budget to order takeout several times a week. That's why it's so much fun to learn how to make some of your favorite Indian dishes right at home.

You may be intimidated to try many of Indian recipes out there, but we can guarantee that you'll be able to throw together these recipes quite easily. In fact, for some of them, you may already have all the ingredients you need on hand. Are you ready to try to make some of your favorite Indian dishes? Take a look at these Mashed favorites, and try them out yourself. It may just help you find some really tasty dishes you haven't tried before.

Butter chicken

When you're looking for a savory dinner that's sure to satisfy your whole family, you can't go wrong with this butter chicken recipe. When you take a look at the list of ingredients, you may get nervous, but you should know that this recipe isn't too challenging to make if you follow the directions carefully. It takes about an hour to prepare, so you can have dinner on the table in no time at all. You can also easily adjust how spicy you'd like this dish to be to make sure it has the perfect kick.


One of the best parts about dining out at an Indian restaurant is the fact that you get to stuff yourself full of naan. Naan is a type of flatbread that you can eat with a wide variety of Indian dishes, and if you're making any of the other recipes on this list, you may want to give this a try as well. Although it will take you about two hours to make, the actual process is surprisingly simple, so don't overthink it. Just get all your ingredients together, and get to cooking. You're going to be blown away by the results.

Chicken tikka masala

When you head to your favorite Indian restaurant, the first dish that comes to mind might be the ever-so-popular chicken tikka masala. For what it's worth, if you love this dish, you should expand your boundaries and try other Indian favorites. But if you can't wait to make this one, then you'll love this chicken tikka masala recipe. Yes, this recipe is a bit involved, and it's going to take some time if you want to do it right. But if you love to cook, then you'll have a great time preparing it. Who knows? It might just become one of your new staples.

Best chicken curry

Our recipe for the best chicken curry is pretty fantastic and easy to make. You should definitely try this recipe if you're interested in cooking Indian food at home. This dish is a great option for those who don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen, as it comes together in just 35 minutes. Put some rice in a pot to boil, make this delicious chicken curry, and you've got the perfect dinner for just about any night of the week.

Easy one-pot butter chicken

If you're intimidated by the butter chicken recipe above and want to keep things super simple, try making this easy one-pot butter chicken recipe. Since it all comes together in just one pot, you won't have to worry about too much of a mess in your kitchen. Serve it over basmati rice or pair it with that naan you just made. Just remember to give yourself at least an hour of extra time to allow your chicken to marinate before you start cooking.

Easy chickpea curry

When you want a quick, yet filling lunch that features some of your favorite Indian flavors, you should try making this easy chickpea curry recipe. If you are trying to eat less meat, this may just be the recipe for you. It backs in the protein with all those chickpeas, and it's super filling — especially when you pair it with rice. Plus, cooking the chickpeas in coconut milk gives it that rich, comforting flavor that can make any day better. This is also a great recipe to meal prep, so if you prepare this for dinner, consider making a little bit extra for lunch the next day.