Why Michelle Williams Just Came Out As A Candy Corn Stan

Candy corn is just one of those confections you genuinely love to eat or hate beyond a reasonable doubt. When taking a peek at the internet, it's obvious that people have some strong opinions regarding the seasonal treat. You rarely hear of people feeling lukewarm or "so-so" about candy corn and its unique array of flavors. The ends of the spectrum are quite opposite. For instance, some Reddit users praise the small waxy triangles and how sweet they are on one end, while the other side entails Twitter posts with candy corn at the behest of cruel jokers.

The passion around candy corn is real — so real in fact that some celebrities just cannot hold back their love for the autumn candy. Multi-level actress and former Destiny's Child extraordinaire, Michelle Williams is one of those celebrities. In 2019, she flat out tweeted how much she loves candy corn and then even responded to some Instagram flack on a live video that same year, defending her decision to praise the fall treat. This year she's taken her love for the controversial candy and turned things up a notch in a promising giveaway for candy corn lovers near and far.

Michelle Williams serenades candy corn

Whether or not candy corn's ingredients are healthy is null and void to Michelle Williams since she reinstated her excitement over "candy corn season" last fall with a few high notes via TikTok. Williams may have made her love for candy corn clear in 2019, but she didn't stop there.

This year, Williams went full throttle and declared her dedication to the candy in a song on Instagram thanks to her partnership with Brach's Confections, Inc. promoting their current candy corn sweepstakes. Williams hopes her song "Candy Corn Love" emboldens "everyone who can't get enough of the delicious candy to make it known that they are too on #teamcandycorn," which is the hashtag used to participate in the sweepstakes along with the hashtag #brachssweepstakes (per PRN Newswire).

Full details of the giveaway are available on Brach's website, but the sweepstakes are open until October 6. In order to win candy corn, additional merchandise, and $2,000, all you need to do is comment on William's or another influencer's post with both hashtags and express your undying love for candy corn. In an interview with People, Williams admitted "Candy Corn Love" is the first song she's written alone since 2014. When People asked Williams why she wrote a candy corn jingle her answer was simple: "It's easy to write for something you love."