The Syrup Volume In A Vanilla Starbucks Drink Is Causing A TikTok Ruckus

When fast food employees show us what happens behind the scenes, it's safe to say that the internet goes a bit crazy. For instance, TikTok was shaken after finding out that Starbucks employees can watch you in the drive-thru and even more upset after sharing this information in a viral video got a barista fired.

But not all TikTok revelations are necessarily bad. Many spread the news of secret or little-known Starbucks drinks that are worth a try. Per Delish, some of these cool orders include a gummy bear drink, an Andes mint cold brew, and an Oreo chocolate chip frappuccino. How good do those sound?

Other Starbucks-related TikToks are shocking in that they expose the ingredients going into your drink. If the ingredients themselves aren't surprising, then the sheer amounts might be. One vanilla Starbucks drink recently had TikTok screaming over just how much syrup goes into making it — the amount may surprise you. 

Would you like anything else with your vanilla syrup?

The internet was collectively floored after one Starbucks barista posted a TikTok showing just how much vanilla syrup goes into making sweet cream. We're talking about a third of a pitcher of just straight-up vanilla syrup. Vanilla is one of the most popular coffee syrup flavors, but that still feels like a lot.

In addition to more than 2.7 million views, the video has racked up nearly 2000 comments, a good of which were complaints. Some people were outraged by how much syrup goes into making their Starbucks drink, while others said their sweet cream was still "never sweet" enough for their liking.

Still others bashed the barista for even posting at all, saying things like, "I have never heard anyone in the service industry complain as much as Starbucks baristas." Fortunately, several commenters came to her defense, writing, "Can y'all point out to me where she complained because all I see is her making a simple statement," and, "I'm so sorry about these comments, girl."