Sonic's Broccoli Cheddar Tots Are Back — But Only For A Limited Time

Sonic Drive-In has quite a varied menu and aims to give customers even more reason to drive in, or through, by offering some items on a seasonally rotating basis. Sonic's broccoli cheddar tots are just one example of those limited-time options.

In the fast food chain's history of seasonal items, the Dayton Daily News highlighted a minty take on the Sonic Master Blasts and Master Shakes that appeared on Sonic menus for the winter holidays, in 2017. And, Fox4 reported that for summer 2022, Sonic added some more limited-time delectables like a grilled cheese double burger and pickle fries. These limited-time dishes are in addition to the over 1.3 million drink combinations (via GS&P) and some other offers on regular menu items as well.

And so, Sonic has good news for fans of its cheesy broccoli tots as the menu item is returning at participating locations, beginning in September 2022. 

Enjoy your broccoli and cheese with relative ease

The broccoli cheese tots return to participating Sonic locations on September 26 and should last through November 27, 2022, according to Chewboom. However, users of Sonic's mobile app are already enjoying the veggie bites, as the chain gave them early access on September 21. 

Sonic's broccoli cheddar tots began as a twist on the restaurant's potato tots, in 2020. Now they are a seasonal item. Mashed writers tried these tots and the verdict was positive, actually praising the tots for their balance of broccoli and cheddar flavors. Food Rankers also gave them a good review in 2021 but stated they could run on the greasy side. Again, Food Rankers highlighted the broccoli and cheese flavor as the item's strongest aspect.

It seems these strong flavors were part of Sonic's master plan of deliciousness. In 2020, Delish shared that Sonic's idea behind the creation was putting broccoli and cheddar casserole into a fried, bite-sized tot you could eat with your fingers. To get that creamy, warm taste, try this easy broccoli cheddar soup recipe or stop in at a participating Sonic.