Rachael Ray Finally Uncovered Details About Her Italian Heritage

Finding one's identity can be difficult. One of the ways some people seek a sense of belonging, or a better way to know themselves, is to look to their ancestors. By seeing where their family line comes from, they gain a greater understanding of perhaps why they behave the way they do, or like the things they like. With websites like Ancestry or 23andme, tracking one's genealogy and family history has never been easier.

Many people have discovered a lineage that they didn't know existed. Ellen Degeneres found out that she is related to both Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II, according to The News International. Oprah Winfrey famously found out that she's part of the Kpelle people who hail from the sovereign state of Liberia in West Africa (via Ancestry). While this information might not change the person, it definitely can change how they view themselves. Thankfully, Ellen isn't sporting a crown and Oprah hasn't decided to move to Africa, but they can now see a greater picture of their roots.

Most recently, Rachael Ray (famous for lying about cooking) and her husband John disclosed exactly what kind of heritage they have. And, it seems Italian ancestry is a common thread tying the famous couple even closer together.

Both Rachael and John have roots in the boot of Europe

Rachael Ray's marriage to John Cusimano has a curious history. When they first met, Rachael tried to help John get a date with a man. She later learned he wasn't gay, which ultimately led to their marriage. That union has lasted more than 15 years, according to People, and is so interesting that many people ask Ray and John questions about themselves.

One person wrote into a segment on Rachael's show known as "Q & Ray + J” wherein fans can query the couple about any number of things. In the segment, a Facebook user asked "What part of Italy are your families from?"

Rachael answered first, saying "I'm only half Italian. My dad is a bit of a mutt from all over, born in Louisiana. My mom is from Gela, Sicily, which is kind of near Agrigento. It's Southern Sicily, bottom of the island there."

John has a deeper background in the land of pizza and fast scooters. He's 100% Italian. "My mom's family is from Naples and Sorrento, just around the Amalfi Coast area," offered John. "And my father's family are all from Sicily."