Drew Barrymore May Have Just Uncovered A Big Drive-Thru Secret

Drew Barrymore has been acting for practically her whole life. She appeared in Spielberg's classic "E.T" when she was just 6 years old, then went on to star in hits like "Charlie's Angels," "Scream," and "The Wedding Singer" (via IMDb). More recently she's been the host of her own daytime talk show — "The Drew Barrymore Show." Fewer people may know that she overcame drug addiction in her teens, started the production company Flower Films in 1995, and has her own lines of makeup, kitchenware, and home decorBarrymore has even written a cookbook. But most importantly, those who follow her on social media and watch her talk show will be aware that the 47-year-old actress has a fun-loving personality and plenty of positivity for life. 

It's her down-to-earth persona and joy for life's simple pleasures that make Barrymore such an enduring presence. While we can't imagine many big-name celebrities making a social media post about going through their local In-N-Out drive-thru, Barrymore has indeed done just that. 

In a recent TikTok video, the talk show host can be seen in the passenger seat of a car. She says, "We're here at an In-N-Out drive-thru ... and I heard a rumor that they prioritize the food that's coming out for the drive-thru to keep it moving. Although there's a long line outside and you think 'I'm going to sneak in and get ahead of everybody' I heard that's not necessarily true. Does anyone know if this is a fact?"

Does the drive-thru get priority?

Several people responded to the In-N-Out question Drew Barrymore posed on TikTok confirming the rumor of speedy drive-thru service is correct, as the drive-thru is timed. "It's a fact. They have to hit drive times as do almost all fast food restaurants," said one respondent. Many of the people posting mentioned that, based on personal experience of working there, drive-thru orders took priority at McDonald's, In-N-Out, Burger King, and Wendy's. "Yes it is true, but just kind of," a Reddit user responding to Drew's question said. "[T]he problem is, you can only do 1 order at a time there, so you have to move them fast, on the counter you can take up to 3 orders at a time. If you want [customers] to keep using [the drive-thru] you have to go fast, so you dedicate a whole grill just for it."

While this fact might be true for many fast food chains, another TikToker said this speediness is "not true at chick-fil-A." In fact, people have even speculated that long drive-thru lines are ruining Chick-Fil-A. Others have found that using apps to pre-order their desired items at places like Starbucks can be much quicker than both ordering inside and at the drive-thru.