Twitter Is In A Tizzy Over This Controversial Costco Croissant Tweet

With Forbes reporting that Costco is projected to ring in over $220 billion in revenue for 2022 and the company counting more than 116 million cardholding members, it is very easy for Costco to find itself the center of attention on social media from time to time. The hype around the wholesaler's bakery items, in particular, has led to some strong opinion sharing.

One Reddit user claimed that outside bakeries were reselling select items from the Costco bakery elsewhere–and at a higher price. Hypothetically speaking, these supposed bakeries may know the real reason behind Costco changing its croissants: They are now made with 100% butter instead of both oil and butter, according to a Redditor. Another notable difference is that Costco hiked up the price in recent years, per an earnings call transcribed by The Motley Fool.

Even though the price rose, Costco shoppers might not mind as the croissants continue to rank high on the list of beloved bakery items. When probed about their favorite baked goods from Costco, the infamous croissants received over 240 upvotes from Reddit users. However, while Costco's croissants may be popular, a Twitter user made a comparison about the bakery favorite that is not sitting particularly well with other social media users.

Why go to Paris when you can go to Costco?

Last month, Twitter user popular loner tweeted, "If I'm being honest, the croissants in Paris look just like the ones they sell at Costco." Sure enough, responses came pouring in, with several expressing how upset they were by the initial claim. "You've been away for too long" and "How dare you" were among some of the replies. Yet, a few others came to the defense of the original poster with one claiming that they've "been to paris several time & tbh the costco ones are better quality and tastier." Even though the responses were divided, many users seemed bothered by the tweet. Some argued it came from an American perspective that couldn't appreciate French croissants.

French croissants are deeply rooted in history. According to Michel Lyczak, winner of the 2014 "best butter croissant" award by the Professional Chamber of Boulangers-Patissiers in France, a great croissant comes down to high-quality ingredients such as high-protein flour, specialty butter, and strong attention to detail when handcrafting each delicacy (per Smithsonian Magazine).

While comparing the wholesaler's croissants to those in France may seem like a stretch to some, an Instagram user made a similar comparison in the past with regard to the chain's almond croissants. Considering the various Costco food items people might feel they need to try, the croissants not only make the list but according to some social media users, are comparable to the European version of this classic French pastry.