What Happened To Atlantic Candy Company After Shark Tank?

Many people have heard of Kinder Eggs — the exciting chocolate egg that holds a surprise toy. However, Kinder Eggs have been banned for decades in the United States. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the eggs can't be sold because the toys inside pose a choking hazard to young children.

Enter Jared Whetstone, a third-generation chocolatier whose father claims to have found a legal solution for selling chocolate eggs with a toy inside. Whetstone, whose family owns the Atlantic Candy Company, appeared on "Shark Tank"  in Season 8, asking the judges for $1 million in exchange for a 10% stake in his family's business (via Shark Tank Blog).

Though Whetstone was visibly nervous during his pitch, he pulled it together enough to share his product with the sharks. While they asked important questions, ultimately, none of them wanted to offer up so much money for such a small stake, and Whetstone eventually walked away without securing a deal. So, where is the Atlantic Candy Company now?

Atlantic Candy Company still markets its chocolate toy product

Though he didn't walk away with $1 million on "Shark Tank," Jared Whetstone and his family didn't give up. According to the Atlantic Candy Company's website, the product is now branded as ToyBox, and it's still for sale. The toy is secured in a "toy capsule [that] prevents the two chocolate halves from touching." The toys aren't specified, but the website's animations suggest they include anything from unicorns to dogs and monkeys. Despite being FDA approved, the box still does have a choking hazard warning printed on it and says it's not suitable for anyone under three years old.

The company's website also notes that ToyBox is now available at Target and Shark Tank Blog notes that the product can be also found at Claire's, Dollar General Stores, Walmart, and Staples. Plus, the site provides information on how retailers can secure ToyBox products to sell at their stores.

Atlantic Candy Company offers more than just ToyBox

The company's website suggests the ToyBox isn't even its main source of income. The Atlantic Candy Company offers contract manufacturing, where it partners with other brands to manufacture certain types of chocolate. Nestle, Hershey's, and Disney are among some of the partner companies listed on the site.

In addition to chocolate manufacturing, the company also produces private-label chocolate. The process includes product development and flavor profiles, plus artwork and packaging, as well as sourcing ingredients. The products are then produced and sold under a different name, with confidentiality available in the form of a non-disclosure agreement.

Atlantic Candy Company builds its own machines as well, which it can then use to partner with other companies or brands for specific product design. The website says the company has been building its own machinery for more than 40 years. Although Jared Whetstone did not receive an offer from the sharks, it appears his family's candy company has continued to make money through various forms of candy production.