Whatever Happened To Kinder Eggs?

Kinder Eggs have developed a huge fan base for a very good reason. These chocolate eggs that contain a toy surprise in the center have wowed kids and adults for generations. Unfortunately, we see so few of these candies make it to the United States. According to Huffington Post, the reason we can never find these treats at our local grocery store stems from a law passed in 1938 forbidding the sale of all candies that come with embedded non-edible objects. This law immediately prohibited Kinder Eggs from entering the U.S. when the Italian chocolate behemoth Ferrero began producing what we now know as Kinder Eggs in the 1970s. While some of us might have a chance of sneaking one or two of the candies past border control at the airport, some individuals made it a goal to bring in as many candies as possible.

Despite the ban, we can sometimes find these treats scattered throughout America thanks to the help of candy smugglers! According to NPR, smugglers have been bringing Kinder Eggs into the United States for decades, despite authorities seizing tons of the product every year — 2015 saw a major confiscation of 30,000 Kinder Eggs. While the product in its original form can't travel across our borders, don't assume we can't experience any joy that Kinder chocolates can dish out.

A new solution for American Kinder Egg fans

While we probably won't see traditional Kinder Eggs come into our daily lives anytime soon, we shouldn't lose all hope. According to NPR, a new candy called Kinder Joys have hit American markets thanks to the fact that these candies separate the chocolate from the toy. According to Kinder, the candy comes in the form of a scoopable candy, complete with milky and chocolatey layers sprinkled with wafers and a toy alongside the treat. While it doesn't resemble the original Kinder Egg, it provides all the fun the original wrapped up inside its chocolatey shell. 

Next time you get a hankering for the forbidden Kinder Egg, visit your local supermarket and try to track down this legal Kinder candy. If you haven't experienced the original, you can easily find a ton to love about this candy that promises to win over anyone who has a taste. Next time you want to experience some unique flavors of Europe, give this candy a shot and you won't get disappointed!