Which Food Debate Is The Worst? Here's What People Say - Exclusive Survey

People have been debating culinary terminology and the right way to eat certain foods for decades. The longtime argument between sweet and savory foods has been a source of tension for many Reddit users over the years. Even chef and longtime TV host Valerie Bertinelli weighed in on the debate.

Whether or not you prefer sweet over savory, McDonald's went ahead and blew minds in 2016 when posting the suggestion of dipping fries in milkshakes on their Facebook page. The recommendation sparked serious debate among social media users with some being completely disgusted by the idea while others agreed with its deliciousness as one user claimed to dunk her Big Mac and chicken nuggets in her strawberry shake. And of course, people love dipping Wendy's fries into Frosties.

The debate over flavor preferences is just the tip of the iceberg though. According to Time Out, the continuous argument over whether or not to fold pizza slices in New York City is one that will most likely never come to an end. Among some of the oddest food debates around, Mashed was able to narrow it down to a select pool of unique standouts for an exclusive survey and people weighed in on the hot topics that should have never been in question in the first place.

Most people agree ketchup is not a smoothie

Mashed asked 582 participants which food debate was the worst out of five unique arguments. Only 9% of participants thought deep-dish pizza being labeled a casserole was ridiculous. Sure, we can all laugh at Jon Stewart's rant on the popular Chicago staple (via YouTube), but it's not considered the worst in the small pool of contestants.

Pizza aside, only 14% of survey participants agreed "cereal as soup" was a poor debate but the endless "hot dog as a sandwich" argument received 123 votes for best "worst" place. Despite the definition of a sandwich (per Merriam-Webster) and Snoop Dogg's opinions on the question of mislabeled hot dogs, the conversation has also garnered a huge amount of attention via Reddit.

Despite the swirling opinions around hot dogs, and pop tarts as ravioli (yes, you read that correctly) the controversy to take the number one spot for worst food debate is "ketchup as a smoothie." A modest 32% of Mashed participants agreed this argument wasn't even a real argument, but the internet says otherwise and the controversy is still up for debate, according to some Reddit users. Among the many controversial ways people use ketchup, some internet memes try and make the argument that the condiment is made from tomatoes which are fruit, and smoothies are made with fruit, no? Most participants found this claim to be far-fetched, but we'll leave it up to you to decide.