The Wild Food TikToker Gabrielle Cerberville Can't Get On Board With - Exclusive

If you don't know anything about wild foods, don't fret, because TikToker Gabrielle Cerberville has your back. Cerberville is well-versed in all things mushrooms and plants, and she forages most of her food from her own backyard. The wild food educator has amassed approximately 974K followers and 16 million likes to date for her creative and outdoorsy recipes — some of her most popular meals are her giant puffball pizza or chicken of the woods nuggets.

During an exclusive interview, Cerberville informed Mashed how to identify which mushrooms are safe for consumption and even revealed the most underrated wild food out there (has anyone heard of spicebush?). While the influencer prides herself on educating her audience about various types of mushrooms, she did name the one wild food she just cannot get behind. If you aren't knowledgeable like Cerberville, aka "Mushroom Auntie," about wild foods, then her answer might surprise you.

Cerberville isn't a fan of Rumex flour

When Mashed asked Gabrielle Cerberville if there is a wild food she has tried that she dislikes, she said that she's not a fan of dock. According to The Northwest Forager, dock, or Rumex, is an array of edible plants that are found all over the world. Cerberville explained, "It's the idea of making flour out of this plant called Rumex or dock. It produces these little brown seeds. The idea is that you grind them into the flour, and you can use that flour in baking — and I don't like the texture of the flour."

As dock seed flour is in the same family as buckwheat, you can use the ingredient for wheat bread, pancakes, and brownies (per Treehugger). The TikToker mentioned that it is rare for her not to like a food, so she tries "to blame my methods of preparing it rather than the food itself, because there's probably a better way to do it that I would appreciate more." If only we all had that approach to life!

Cerberville has brought even more eyes to her content creation than usual, as she was recently named a TikTok Latinx Creatives grant recipient. She hopes to inspire people to find more value in the natural world around them and show them that incorporating foraged foods into your diet can make for a healthier lifestyle. So the next time you're out and about in the wild, try grabbing some Rumex to make dock seed flour for your next meal. It might become a new favorite ... or you could find yourself agreeing with Gabrielle.

Head to TikTok's press release to learn more about the Latinx Creatives Grant recipients or check out Gabrielle Cerberville TikTok page to keep up with her latest videos.