Reddit Is Scratching Its Head Over Aldi's Coffee-Flavored Sparkling Water

From The United States to Brazil and Norway, coffee is enjoyed by cultures across the globe. Used as a morning pick-me-up or post-dinner digestion aid, coffee has many forms, flavors, and uses. A common ritual shared by people from all walks of life, the caffeinated beverage links us to cultures distinct from our own. In Malaysia, coffee is mixed with black tea and served hot or cold, but in Finland, hot coffee is poured into chunks of cheese curds and then eaten (per Insider). Foreign as it may seem to Americans who are keen on iced lavender lattes, coffee is a multi-cultural ingredient that provides a common ground between communities who might not have much else in common.

Among the many ways to take your coffee, Reddit users in the Aldi subreddit have discovered one particularly unique combination. Aldi, known for its low prices and eccentric frozen food section and snack aisle, keeps coffee-flavored sparkling water on its shelves. One confused shopper took the forum to post a photo of the product's packaging sparking a friendly debate with the caption "Anyone tried this coffee-flavored sparkling water?" While some users were quick to denounce the funky-flavored soda, others came to its defense.

Sparkling coffee has its benefits

If you've never heard of sparkling coffee, seeing it in your local Aldi can definitely take you by surprise. But it's actually a widely-enjoyed beverage that reduces the bitterness of jet-black coffee without cream and sugar. Sparkling java has some great health benefits — adding carbonated mineral water to your morning coffee can boost your daily water and vitamin intake (per Well + Good).

In addition to its nutrient-rich complexion, Aldi's coffee-flavored sparkling water seems to be enjoyed by many of its shoppers. While a few Aldi fans on the Reddit forum left comments like "There's just no way this is good" many of them are hooked on the unusual beverage. One happy Aldi customer commented "I like it! I get it's not for everyone, but I like that it's light and refreshing with just a touch of caffeine."

While it may not be your average cup of joe, sparkling coffee is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a lighter, less-bitter alternative to pure espresso.