Reddit Just Leaked A Brand-New Wendy's Frosty Flavor

Similarly to how each fast food restaurant has a signature entree, most on-the-go eateries have a trademark dessert they're known for, as well. McDonald's, for example, has its creamy, candy-infused McFlurries, while Taco Bell offers customers the chance to quell their sweet tooths with its satisfyingly crunchy cinnamon twists. And then, of course, there's the Wendy's Frosty, which has been a staple on the menu since the very first Wendy's opened its doors in 1969. The frozen dairy treat is considered by many to be the best fast food dessert on the market, in part because of its one-of-a-kind texture that doesn't quite resemble a milkshake but isn't exactly akin to ice cream, either. Add in the fact that Frosties make a surprisingly great accompaniment to a batch of fries, and it's no wonder that the chain sells more than 300 million of them every year (via Wendy's The Square Deal).

While it's hard to resist a Frosty in its original chocolate form, that's not to say that the rare variations of the treat that we've seen over the years haven't won the hearts of Wendy's fans, either. As demonstrated by one Reddit thread, the vanilla Frosty has actually become the preferred flavor for some customers, and the limited-edition strawberry version that was introduced earlier this summer has earned a sizeable fan club, as well. Now, it's rumored that another new Frosty flavor will soon be added into the mix — and just in time for the holiday season, too.

Peppermint Frosties are rumored to be coming to Wendy's this November

Fall may have just begun, but the latest news to come out of the Wendy's rumor mill has us ready to skip right to winter. According to a post on Monday, September 26 from Reddit user and apparent Wendy's employee u/Own-Permission3956, the chain will allegedly be serving up some holiday spirit in the form of peppermint Frosties this year. The Redditor explained that the seasonal flavor will be available sometime in November, though food blogger Markie Devo offered a more specific date.

"New Peppermint Frosty will hit stores nationwide for a limited time on November 15," he shared in an Instagram post on Wednesday, September 28. The upload also included what looked to be an advertisement for the dessert featuring a photo of a light pink Frosty, suggesting the upcoming minty treat will feature a vanilla base. Additionally, the image also may have revealed that the drinks will be served in festive, red-and-white striped cups.

As of this writing, Wendy's has not yet confirmed or denied the peppermint Frosty rumors. However, that hasn't stopped foodies from getting excited over what may come. "This is gonna be soo good!!" one Instagram user said in response to Devo's post. "Can't wait to try this," another quipped. On Reddit, some questioned when the vanilla Frosty flavor would come back from its hiatus, to which one Reddit user offered an answer. "Early 2023 according to the internal memo," they said.